Dover Corporation



At Dover, we believe that green business is good business.

At Ferguson Beauregard, our products, by their very purpose and functionality, contribute to a sustainable environment. Known as specialists in oil and gas well optimization, Ferguson Beauregard not only helps energy companies improve wellhead productivity to ensure their economic sustainability, but they also help to significantly reduce fossil-fuel energy consumption, potentially harmful fugitive emissions, and overall carbon footprint.

We care deeply about the sustainability of our activities and that of our partners, suppliers and public. At Ferguson Beauregard, we work hard to ensure that the products we build and the solutions we provide promote long-term sustainability for our company and world.

Automation/Wireless Technology

Our automation and wireless technologies monitor liquid level pressure and temperature to provide unmanned remote access and control and early-alert of potentially hazardous spills, overfill, or emission release conditions. These innovative technologies help reduce residential and environmental impact and wildlife habitat intrusion.

Plunger Lift

Plunger Lift is an artificial lift method used to remove liquids from gas wells. This technique permits more natural gas to be produced without venting gas into the atmosphere. Our plunger lift technology utilizes a wells own natural gas pressure as the prime energy source to unload liquids allowing for maximum production. No external source of energy is required to power the system. Fugitive methane gas emissions are totally eliminated when this technique is correctly applied in natural gas fields around the world.

Well Head Controller

Our intelligent well head controllers, utilizing solar power, allow remote access and control thus reducing travel to and from well sites which in turn reduces fossil fuel consumption. These innovative technologies help to minimize residential and environmental impact as well as intrusion on wildlife habitat and wilderness areas, thus reducing our overall carbon footprint.