About Dover

Dover is a diversified global manufacturer and solutions provider with annual revenue of approximately $7 billion. We deliver innovative equipment and components, consumable supplies, aftermarket parts, software and digital solutions, and support services through five operating segments: Engineered Products, Fueling Solutions, Imaging & Identification, Pumps & Process Solutions and Refrigeration & Food Equipment. Dover combines global scale, operational agility, world-class engineering capability and customer intimacy to lead the markets we serve. Recognized for our entrepreneurial approach for over 60 years, our team of over 23,000 employees takes an ownership mindset, collaborating with customers to redefine what's possible. Headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, Dover trades on the New York Stock Exchange under "DOV." Additional information is available at dovercorporation.com.

Financial Highlights

$6.7 Billion 2020 Revenue
$5.67 Adjusted 2020 EPS(1) +11% Annualized Growth
3 Years Ended 12/31/20
$939 Million 2020 Free Cash Flow(1) +18% Annualized Growth
3 Years Ended 12/31/20
$1.97 Dividends Per Share in 2020 65 Cumulative Years
Of Dividend Growth
*Reconciliations of non-GAAP measures are available on the Investor Relations section of our website under Annual Reports.

Engineered Products

Delivering industry-leading equipment, components and software serving the vehicle service, environmental solutions and other end markets. Click to Read More

The Heil® LowRider with onboard digital modules from 3rd Eye® and Soft-Pak provides a rich stream of data through ESG's Connected-Collections to help fleet owners make better decisions faster.
Rotary tire changers, from Vehicle Service Group, provide technicians the versatility and ease of use to quickly perform customer tire and wheel work.
Mosaic ADT, from Vehicle Service Group's Chief Collision Technology, provides accurate automated ADAS calibrations while providing a complete workflow process that meets OEM repair procedures.
The new GT Soldering Systems by Metcal, an OK International company, delivers improved throughput and quality to electronics manufacturers due to patented technology allowing for increased soldering performance with faster time to temperature, temperature stability and temperature recovery.
Destaco’s product offerings work with Collaborative Robots (Cobots) and provide solutions for various applications, such as part pick & place. Cobots are designed to work alongside humans, and are rapidly advancing robotic automation for businesses of all types.
For over 90 years, TWG has been a global leader in manufacturing winches, hoists, slewing ring bearings, swing drives, electronic monitoring systems, and more. Our smart, cutting-edge industrial electronic solutions solve complex industry problems, transform your process, increases efficiencies and deliver a tangible real-time ROI.
Microwave Products Group is a leading global provider of mission-critical engineered electronic components and subsystems comprised of four elite brands, BSC Filters, Dow-Key Microwave®, K&L Microwave® and Pole/Zero®, with five world-class manufacturing locations and a strong technical business development and sales organization.

Engineered Products Operating Companies

Manufacturing work-holding and flexible-automation components, including clamps, grippers, indexers, slides, conveyers, robotic tooling, and remote handling products

Innovating to produce solutions that process, transport and transform the solid waste stream into sustainable resources that benefit customers and communities

Providing mission-critical radio frequency and microwave filters, switches and subsystems for the defense, aerospace, telecommunications and space markets

Delivering market-leading quality and innovation for benchtop soldering and dispensing solutions in electronics and industrial product assembly

Engineering a wide range of industry-specific winches, hoists, slewing ring bearings, swing drives, electronic monitoring and object detection systems and more for key industrial markets

Developing the best in vehicle lifting, wheel service, ADAS calibration, diagnostic, and collision repair equipment along with the world’s highest quality powertrain disconnect products

Fueling Solutions

Providing a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality and cutting-edge products and solutions for the retail fueling, vehicle wash solutions and other adjacent markets. Click to Read More

In 2020, OPW introduced the all-new 21 Series family of petrol, vapor recovery, diesel and AdBlue dispensing nozzles. Designed with attractive European styling and refined ergonomic comfort, the 21 Series nozzle is expertly engineered to exceed ATEX and TUV safety standards.
The Auto Sentry® flex HD by Innovative Control Systems, part of OPW’s Vehicle Wash Solutions, stands out in the car wash industry as it boasts the most flexible hardware and software design.
The DFS Anthem UX user experience platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispenser is refueling reinvented, reimagined and reborn. Available from Dover Fueling Solutions in the North America market, the Anthem UX platform is the first to give customers the ability to fine-tune their experience while also giving retailers the tools and data to maximize each customer interaction with keenly targeted advertising and promotions.

Fueling Solutions Operating Companies

Advancing fueling and convenience retail operations worldwide through innovative dispensing technologies, point-of-sale (POS) systems, automatic tank gauging, and wetstock management solutions

Defining what's next in fluid handling and car wash innovations with technologies that protect people and the environment, while improving business performance for customers worldwide

Imaging & Identification

Leading the design and manufacture of equipment, consumables and software, in addition to providing support services for the marking & coding, product traceability and digital textile printing markets.

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The Markem-Imaje 9000 Series of continuous inkjet printers offers optimum and intuitive management of marking solutions for a large range of coding applications, from general-purpose marking to high performance marking up to 3 shifts in the food, beverage, cosmetics, toiletries, electronics, aerospace and automotive industries.
MS Printing Solutions’ Impres Soft Signage System integrates Dover Digital Printing’s digital inkjet technology with Caldera RIP software and JK Group dye-sub inks offering a versatile, all-in-one engine for the production of the increasingly popular textile display applications.

Imaging & Identification Operating Companies

Building connected and safe supply chains through innovative marking and coding solutions seamlessly integrated with product identification and traceability software and services

Developing effective printing solutions through innovative software, inks and consumables, along with printing systems for the digital textile, soft signage and specialty materials markets

Pumps & Process Solutions

Creating performance-critical solutions and products for the safe handling of fluids across the chemical, hygienic, biopharma, oil & gas and industrial markets.

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AseptiQuik Connectors by CPC (Colder Products Company) enable quick and easy sterile connections, even in non-sterile environments. The easy-to-use genderless design simplifies fluid transfer, minimizes the risk of operator error and are used in a wide variety of applications including COVID-19 vaccines and therapies.
Bearings Plus®, part of Dover Precision Components, provides hydrodynamic journal bearings with ISFD® technology to improve the dynamic stability of high-performing rotating equipment.
PSG is a leading innovator of pumps, flow meters, compressors and dispensing solutions that are utilized in a wide range of markets, including the biopharma, hygienic, chemical, oil & gas, water & wastewater, and transportation industries.
MAAG Group is known worldwide for its pump & filtration systems, pelletizing & pulverizing systems, recycling systems and digitalization solutions. Our latest generation of pumps features the x6 class portfolio providing the best volumetric efficiency on the market.

Pumps & Process Solutions Operating Companies

Providing connectors, quick disconnect couplings and fittings for life sciences, thermal management and industrial applications

Delivering performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery across the oil & gas, power generation, marine, industrial, chemical and general processing markets

Developing and manufacturing integrated and customizable systems in process technology for the polymer, chemical and petrochemical industries

Developing innovative pump, metering and dispensing solutions that enable the safe and efficient transfer of critical and valuable fluids and materials that require optimal performance and peace of mind reliability in applications where it matters most

Refrigeration & Food Equipment

Developing and supplying innovative and energy-efficient equipment and systems serving the commercial refrigeration, foodservice & beverage equipment and heating & cooling markets.

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Unified Brands premium refrigerated foodservice equipment offers superior temperature holding and performance. This sleek Randell Prep Table keeps ingredients fresh at operator point of use while providing transparency and visual appeal to enhance the customer experience.
Anthony, part of Dover Food Retail, offers the beautiful, elegant Infinity 60 series door which is engineered for maximum energy efficiency.
Hillphoenix and Anthony International, part of Dover Food Retail, provide a broad product portfolio of door and door cases and cutting-edge, energy-saving technologies resulting in redefining what is possible for customers in the food retail value chain.
SWEP is a world-leading supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers for HVAC and industrial applications. Designed to make the most efficient use of energy, material, and space, the technology is quickly winning ground around the world because of the escalating focus on sustainable energy.

Refrigeration & Food Equipment Operating Companies

Developing creative and flexible solutions directly for beverage container manufacturers and brand owners around the world

Manufacturing commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, refrigerated display cases and specialty products along with glass and freezer doors and lighting systems

Designing and manufacturing brazed plate heat exchangers for HVAC, refrigeration and other industrial markets

Partnering with customers to find smart, differentiated food equipment solutions that result in better meals, an elevated consumer experience and an exponential return on investment