At Dover, we believe that green business is good business.

At Blackmer®, sustainability goes to the core of what we do. It's part of the fabric of our culture, and its essential role in our business starts with our Mission Statement. We strive to provide customers with products that enable them to reduce energy consumption and preserve natural resources. We call these products Blackmer Smart Energy® Solutions.

Our commitment to sustainability starts at home, right here in our Grand Rapids, MI (USA), manufacturing plant. Consultations with environmental engineers combined with our own research into manufacturing best practices have resulted in a progressive, productive workplace that maximizes energy efficiency while minimizing global ecological impact.

Experts in Smart Energy® Flow Solutions

Blackmer Smart Energy

At Blackmer, our mission is to enable our customers to gain a competitive business advantage through the deployment of energy-saving technologies.

Sustainable business practices create economic, social and environmental value. Blackmer cares deeply about pioneering new technologies and processes that allow our partners to promote sustainability for our world.

Blackmer started its Smart Energy Flow Solutions initiative to help educate companies on how they can reduce energy consumption through the use of positive displacement sliding vane pump technologies.

Not all pumps are created equal

Pumps account for nearly 27 percent of total electricity use in the industrial sector. As manufacturers work to align their energy-efficiency initiatives with their business goals, pump system improvements will play an increasingly important role in this effort. Using the right Blackmer pump technology, properly sized for a specific application, is an important step towards reducing pump energy consumption.

Smart "Energy Management" is the key to:

  • Controlling energy expenses by reducing power consumption without compromising output performance.
  • Reducing vulnerability to energy price volatility.
  • Driving productivity improvements that increase financial performance.
  • Increasing operational reliability by emphasizing the use of energy-efficient technologies that support enhanced mechanical efficiency.

Blackmer sliding vane pumps

  • Provide greater energy savings.
  • 24 percent more efficient than gear pumps.
  • Sliding vanes automatically adjust to maintain near-perfect clearances throughout operating life to provide for a high level of energy-efficient performance.
  • Energy-wasting turbulence and slippage are minimized and high volumetric efficiency and low energy consumption are maintained.
  • By virtue of their inherent energy and mechanically efficient design, Blackmer's positive displacement sliding vane pumps are uniquely suited to offer manufacturers immediate, high-value advantages and solutions in fulfilling their energy-saving initiatives.

Energy Cost Comparison

Sliding vane vs. lobe and gear technologies

Energy Cost Comparison

"A dollar saved on energy, maintenance or production is equivalent to $17 in sales income (assuming a 6% gross margin)."
Northwest Energy Alliance

Innovative Solutions in the Recovery of Liquefied Gases

At Blackmer, we provide market-leading solutions worldwide for the safe transfer and recovery of LPG, NH3 and other liquefied gases. Be it storage, transport or distribution applications, salvaged liquids and vapor recovery provide both economic and environmental benefits. Blackmer's longstanding commitment to technological leadership in this area has advanced environmental sustainability practices for our industry.

Sustainability Success Stories

Sustainability Success Stories

"We did the math on a Blackmer compressor and pump and it was a no-brainer. We've since put 40-45,000 gallons (151-170 m3) of gas back in our storage tanks."
Greg Smith, Operations Manager, Bluhms Gas Sales

"We use Blackmer pumps for our 800-unit cab fleet requiring about 9,000 gallons (33 m3) of propane a day. Now, we move fast, filling 6 or 7 cars at a time. Blackmer compressors run our tank evacuation and vapor recovery, too, returning thousands of gallons of fuel and vapor to our 60,000 gallon (226 m3) storage tanks."
Aaron Cohen, Director, Automotive Services Nevada Yellow-Checker-Star Cab Company

The process of vapor recovery

Vapor Recovery