At Dover, we believe that green business is good business.

DESTACO is a pioneering global automation and workholding company with a progressive and environmentally conscious approach to industry solutions that exceeds customer expectations. As a worldwide leader in the creation and manufacturing of pneumatic clamping, automation gripping, high-speed precision indexing, vacuum products, conveyors, and robotic-tooling components, we deliver expertise with cost-effective results. Our global reach and philosophy unites customers with flexible-automation solutions, regardless of geographical location. We strive to advance our developments in eco-friendly technology and enhance our longstanding reputation of quality, innovation and service our customers have relied on since 1915.

EcoSmart technology

The World's First Electric Vacuum Cup

DESTACO continues to set the standard in industrial environmental awareness with the launch of the EcoCup™, with EcoSmart technology which "creates vacuum without air." Its light-switch operation requires no need for costly air compressor, valves, fittings, or hoses, and operates with absolutely zero emissions.

EcoSmart technology setup

EcoSmart technology features

The EcoCup™ is great for pick-and-place applications wiht flat, rigid, non-porous parts including: Plastics, glass, solar panels, and electronics, as well as other consumer goods with smooth, flat surfaces.

The EcoCup™ features:

  • Light-switch operation
  • Ultra-fast actuation
  • Noise-free operation
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy optional mounting to Scara robots
  • Eliminated risk of air-borne contaminants

And tested to over 5 million cycles.