At Dover, we believe that green business is good business.

OPW is the global leader in retail and commercial fluid handling solutions. Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of OPW’s purpose and product offering. Essentially every product we build is designed with environmental sustainability in mind. We are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that help promote safer, more efficient and environmentally-sustainable fueling operations worldwide. OPW is leading the way in helping to protect the well-being of people and the environment – today, tomorrow and into the future. That’s the nature of OPW.

Every year, OPW introduces more safety and environmental protection innovations to the industry than any other petroleum equipment manufacturer. Our vast environmentally-focused product offering includes: high-quality, reliable secondary containment sumps, double-wall flexible fuel transfer piping and entry fittings, vapor recovery dispensing nozzles and hardware, tank pressure management vapor systems, and automatic tank gauging and leak detection equipment, all designed to help keep our water pure, our air clean and people safe.

Environmental systems

OPW single and double-wall spill containers

OPW single and double-wall spill containers and Fibrelite covers are designed to protect against soil and water contamination intrusion caused by potentially hazardous overfills, spills and leaks in commercial and retail fueling processes. Our vapor-tight overfill prevention valves protect against underground storage tank overfills and fugitive vapor emissions, while our emergency shut-off valves significantly reduce health, environmental contamination and fire hazards by shutting off the flow of fuel in the event of an accidental dispenser dislodging or if a valve fractures that could leak fuel into dispenser sumps.

Fueling containment systems

OPW fueling containment systems

OPW fueling containment systems represent the industry’s most complete integrated, environmentally secure underground fuel delivery system. Flexible coaxial primary pipe and crush-resistant access piping eliminates glued pipe joints that can become potential leak points. Prefabricated quick-couple dispenser sumps provide for the highest level of secondary leak containment protection. Our double-flexible entry fittings provide for double containment protection at sump entry connection points to prevent ground water intrusion. OPW-KPS petrol pipe system features a permeation barrier that keeps fuel from diffusing through the pipe wall. OPW-KPS also manufactures electrostatically safe plastic pipes that prevent static buildup that otherwise occurs when fuel flows in non-conductive pipes.

Vapor recovery fueling nozzles

ORVR vapor recovery nozzles

OPW vacuum-assist, balance and ORVR vapor recovery nozzles capture potentially hazardous fuel vapors and pollution-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the vehicle fuel pipe during the fueling process, providing a pathway for vapors to be returned safely to underground storage tanks. These innovative, high-quality nozzles also contain reliable automatic shut-off devices to help prevent fuel spills, splash-back and overfill during fueling, to help protect customers, the surrounding environment and the air we breathe.

AST Products


OPW manufactures a broad array of above ground storage tank equipment and fuel management equipment for fleet fueling and diesel engine generator/oil-fired boiler applications. OPW is the first manufacturer to have its AST products receive CARB Certification to meet new AST EVR regulations. No other AST solution offers you the highest level of clean air protection and overall value as OPW.

OPW CleanEnergy fueling products


OPW offers a complete line of NGV1 profile nozzles (Type 1, 2 and 3) for self-service, high-pressure Hydrogen fueling systems, and an extensive line of patented LPG fueling products, including: Autogas Nozzles, Breakaways, Shear Valves, Adaptors and Hose Assemblies. At OPW, we believe that green is good business, which is why we are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that help promote safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable fueling operations worldwide. Through environmentally safe, clean energy fueling systems, we can have a world of cleaner air, cleaner water and safer fueling environments