At Dover, we believe that green business is good business.

Rotary Lift Consolidated is a leading manufacturer of vehicle service and storage lifts. Innovators of the first automotive hydraulic lift more than 80 years ago, the company has been focused on providing its customers with a competitive advantage by increasing technician productivity with new, innovative lift solutions. With the industry’s broadest line of surface and inground lifts, Rotary Lift is proud to be North America’s only ISO9001 certified lift manufacturer.


Since 1995, Rotary Lift’s focus on environmentally friendly inground lifts has led to the pioneering designs of the SmartLift® and the MOD30.

Rotary's SmartLifts® were installed in the first LEED certified dealership in the United States, Pat Lobb Toyota and continue to be chosen for several other LEED certified car dealerships around the country.

The MOD30 heavy duty lifts have also been a preferred choice for its sustainable design. The first self contained heavy-duty in-ground lift has been installed in areas that in the past would not allow for the installation of traditional in-ground lifts.

Rotary Inground lifts

Rotary Inground lifts: 

  • protect the environment with a 60% recycled polymer housing (Smartlift) or with exclusive Enviroguard™ coating (MOD30)
  • reduce oil usage by an average of 75% over traditional style inground lifts
  • bio-fluid compatible
  • contain 90% steel components, by weight, which can be reclaimed at the end of the lift's lifecycle
  • have a smaller overall footprint than comparable surface lifts which allows for the same number of lifts in less space; reducing utility usage, construction costs and overall emissions