Our SustainAbility Program has grown from a resolution in 2009 to a full-scale collaborative sustainability program across all facilities globally.

Dover SustainAbility Policy

At Dover we pride ourselves on our culture of trust, accountability and honesty in everything we do. We have a commitment and a responsibility to create economic value for shareholders and customers through practices that help protect the long-term well-being of the environment, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

As a worldwide, diversified manufacturer of highly engineered products, we are ideally positioned to have a positive impact on a broad scale.

In accordance with our SustainAbility Policy, we will:

  • Manage the potential physical, regulatory, operational and financial risks and opportunities to our businesses related to climate change.
  • Monitor, review and improve the energy and greenhouse gas efficiency of our products, services and operations.
  • Communicate and engage with customers, shareholders and employees regarding our energy and greenhouse gas performance.

Our Program

Dover has set goals to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions from operations by 20% indexed to net revenue by 2020 from a base year of 2010.

Initial findings from 2012 data indicate that 39 energy efficiency projects were implemented, with over 8,000 MWh in savings.

Dover has set energy and GHG reduction targets that will be achieved by 2020 through energy evaluations and management projects at prioritized sites including:

  • Demand-side energy use and efficiency projects
  • Building/infrastructure efficiency
  • Supply-side procurement and peak-load analysis
  • Alternative energy, as feasible

Many Dover operating companies have already achieved significant energy and energy cost reductions in their operations. Launched in 2012, Dover's Energy Efficiency Captain Program has created a knowledge sharing community of operating company professionals to discuss energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives at their facilities. Initial findings from 2012 data indicate that 39 energy efficiency projects were implemented, with over 8,000 MWh in savings.


Dover Sustainability Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, appointed by our CEO, is comprised of all four segment CEOs, Dover’s General Cousel & Secretary and other appointed executives.

Set company vision in line with business strategy

Decide on public commitments and goals

Dover Sustainability Working Committee

The Working Committee is comprised of all segment operational leaders, representatives from Dover’s operating companies and some corporate staff.

Prioritize programs and set implementation strategy

Manage progress toward goals

OpCo Energy Efficiency Captains and teams


Implement programs on site to meet goals

Submit and manage monthly/quarterly data

Carbon Disclosure Report

Since 2010, Dover has made year-over-year improvements in its scores.
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