At Dover, we believe that green business is good business.

Wilden is the recognized leader in the double diaphragm pump industry, offering the industry’s most reliable and versatile pumps. From small pumps for biopharmaceutical applications, to large-scale industrial solutions, every Wilden pump is designed with the highest quality components for superior integrity. That’s why Wilden pumps are trusted throughout the world for environmentally sensitive applications such as petroleum and industrial sludge pumping.

With its introduction of the Pro-Flo X EMS pumping system, Wilden achieved a significant energy efficiency breakthrough. By reducing compressed air consumption by up to 63% while increasing performance, the Pro-Flo X EMS system curbs energy consumption, realizing a significant cost savings for customers. The Pro-Flo X EMS system can be retrofitted on some existing pumps, giving a broad range of customers the opportunity to immediately start benefiting from this environmentally responsible and economically valuable advancement.

Wilden components

Wilden’s dedication to sustainable business extends from the company’s high product design standards, to its manufacturing and operations. The company measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at its manufacturing facility, ahead of California greenhouse gas measures. Additionally, Wilden adheres to IS09001 and ISO14001 standards for quality and sustainability. To maximize its utilization of resources and protect the environment, the company also recycles materials such as metals, plastics, cardboard, wood and fluorescent light bulbs.

Wilden’s sustainability efforts include:

  • Adherence to stringent quality and sustainability controls
  • Achieving higher energy efficiency for its pumps
  • Measurement of volatile organic compounds ahead of compliance requirements