We work closely with customers in the drilling and production markets to develop high-performance artificial lift, pumps, high-accuracy sensor and monitoring solutions that advance the efficiency and safety of extracting oil & gas. We answer the increasing demand for fossil fuels by introducing more effective and reliable delivery methods for our customers, applying our scale to uncover opportunities in emerging economies and aging wells around the globe.

Our Brands


Specializing in fluid separation and processing equipment for multiple markets, including oil & gas production, processing and transportation, and the petrochemical, refining and power generation market

Cook compression

Producers of engineered solutions that include reciprocating compressor products, repair and field mechanical services, machine monitoring, diagnostics, and turnkey project management

Dover Artificial Lift

Solving the world’s toughest oil & gas challenges with our pumps, lifts and lift systems

Dover Energy Automation

Providers of productivity tools and performance management software for high growth applications in drilling, production, and transmission of oil & gas


Engineering and producing industry-specific winches, hoists, gear drives and monitoring electronics for the energy infrastructure and recovery markets

US Synthetic

Creating longer-lasting, more effective diamond inserts for applications in down-hole drilling tools

Waukesha Bearings

Designing custom-engineered fluid film and magnetic bearings systems for high-performance turbomachinery

Cook Compression

The Cook Compression Ring Damped Valve is a patented compressor valve that provides increased efficiency and reliability in high-speed reciprocating compressors.

Around the World

Our Energy companies are located all over the world.

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