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Rutter’s Finds Cold-Vault Perfection

Chain partners with Anthony for new cooler, freezer doors in remodel

YORK, Pa. -- When Rutter’s Farm Stores decided to remodel its Seven Valleys Road location in York, every aspect of the operation was fair game for a new look.

“Rutter’s has been able to innovate throughout its history. Whether it’s been innovation in the dairy business, packaging or branding of the convenience store, Rutter’s wants to stay on the leading edge,” said Derek Gaskins, chief customer officer for Rutter’s Farm Stores. “We wanted to take that same innovative spirit into this store that has been here for decades and give it a modern look that feels like a brand-new store.”

Part of the modernization process involved upgrading the coolers and freezers with door technology that would not only attract customers, but also provide an energy-efficient boost to the store’s operational bottom line, according to a case study released by Anthony, who collaborated with Rutter’s on outfitting the store with the right cooler and freezer doors.

Rutter’s found a solution in the Infinity 090 Cooler and Freezer Doors from Anthony, which feature an enhanced visibility area for improved merchandising. They also come equipped with magnetic gaskets for a tight seal and heat-reflective glass.

“We look at the roles that different categories play and in this particular case, beverage, we are a destination as a channel,” said Gaskins in the case study. “If people are thirsty and going down the road the first place they think of is a convenience store, so to get that ‘wow’ and to get that type of impact was huge. We feel it is really going to separate us from the competition.”

A typical Rutter’s location has anywhere from 12 to 16 cooler and freezer doors, so its ability to be energy efficient is a big concern. Infinity 090 cooler doors are 57% more efficient than traditional door models, while the freezer doors are 24% more efficient, according to the company. This increased efficiency equates to an estimated yearly savings in energy costs of $1,051 for the cooler doors and $390 for the freezer doors.

Lighting, fulfilled by Anthony’s Optimax Pro 24 LED Lighting solution, was also critical when selecting the doors.

Rutter’s installed a total of 16 Infinity 090 doors during the remodel, including 12 on the coolers and four on the freezers.

“In a store like this where we literally changed everything from the gas pumps to the floor to foodservice to new restrooms, we didn’t want to shortcut and skimp on something as valuable as the cooler doors,” Gaskins said. “It drives a major piece of the profitability for the total store, so having the right look and having the right brand, the bright white LED efficient lighting, made a huge difference for us.”

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Rutter’s Farm Stores’ Seven Valleys Road location in York, Pa., gets a cold-vault facelift with new doors from Anthony.