Our Values

Since our founding in 1955, our business philosophy has remained remarkably consistent—build the company by acquiring strong businesses with solid fundamentals and market leading positions. An intense focus on the customer, combined with the leverage and discipline of Dover drives the continued success of our businesses.

Now, more than half a century after our founding, these operating principles have propelled Dover to become a world-class Company.

The backbone behind our collection of outstanding businesses is a team of dedicated employees who protect and enhance our valued reputation for quality and delivering what we promise. It’s our values that define Dover to all of our key audiences: our shareholders, customers, prospective employees and especially to ourselves.

These values must be expressed in our work and embody our actions, as they form the basis by which we do our jobs, make decisions and measure our performance. It’s our unwavering commitment to maintaining our values that defines who we are as a Company.

At Dover, we strive to continue to be champions of our values to help propel Dover to even greater success.

Dover values

See how our customer-focused values are embedded in the company’s culture.
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