At Dover, our employees are our most valuable asset. We recognize the inherent value of safety and are committed to providing a healthy environment and safe workplace. To drive continued improvement, we have set new 2025 safety goals. We believe that a healthy and safe workforce is an engaged workforce that is ready and able to contribute by making quality products for our customers, engaging in collaboration, and driving innovation.

Safety performance at our facilities starts with strong leadership and is driven by our safety-first culture and our continuous improvement mindset. Our site managers and safety professionals monitor and understand the safety performance of their sites, and in keeping with our responsibilities as good operators, they drive root cause analysis, track leading indicators and employ safety tools to achieve progress.

In 2020, we reduced our Total Recordable Incident Rate (“TRIR”) to 1.05, a 20% reduction from 2019, and we had no fatalities. Progress in reducing our TRIR is a shared commitment, and we are grateful to our employees for their engagement in this important mission. Our success in reducing TRIR was aided by a number of initiatives and attributes across our sites, including:

  • Our “Zero Harm” program;
  • Our “0DOVER” framework;
  • Our Center of Safety Excellence Team (COSE);
  • Our Hazard Identification “Find it, Fix it” program;
  • Our safety excellence awards program, which recognizes strong performance in safety; and
  • Our individual EHS teams at each operating company.

Reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement, we have established a goal to reduce our TRIR by 40% by 2025. We measure TRIR at each of our facilities, which enables us to identify hazards that may be present at our facilities or in our operations and to measure the effectiveness of our safety activities. We also track leading indicators such as training compliance, action item closure and behavior-based observations. These are valuable to drive change and are essential in order for us to deliver on our commitment with respect to safety in our operations.

Health-and SafetyGoal
Health and Safety in 2020-TRIR

Dover Center of Safety Excellence (COSE)

The Center of Safety Excellence (COSE) team is an environmental health and safety professional association group which represents Dover’s Operating Companies in the areas of EHS governance. The COSE team brings key environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHSS) personnel and management members together on a regular basis in a cooperative effort to promote EHSS in the workplace. The COSE team leverages EHSS expertise across Dover; develops and strengthens internal EHSS talent; establishes organizational EHSS efficiencies; enhances EHSS alignment on critical processes across Operating Companies; promotes and highlights EHSS best practices; and drives EHSS accountability across Operating Companies. The COSE Committee structure is a tiered system of appointed members that cascades to the Operating Companies with a six-person Executive Committee charged with specific tasks and responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation and high-quality experience of the COSE Committee.

Zero Harm Program

Dover operates under a prioritization framework that puts safety first, always. In keeping with our commitment to health and safety, we have created the Zero Harm Program, which is designed to provide guidance on a safe working environment and knowledge of safety hazards. Each Zero Harm Rule provides guidance that each Dover employee adopts to safeguard themselves and their colleagues.


We embrace this commitment to health and safety and express it every day through our actions:

  • Driving performance by implementing world class safety processes and procedures
  • Engaging employees across all functions to continuously improve processes and create safe working environments
  • Educating and training employees on their health and safety responsibilities
  • Identifying, resolving and preventing health and safety hazards and risks
  • Conducting assessments to enhance safe workplace behaviors, environments and practices
  • Regularly measuring safety performance utilizing leading indicators as well as qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Holding ourselves accountable for health and safety programs including demonstrating our visible commitment
  • Complying with legal, regulatory and other business requirements

Dover Safety Excellence Awards

Each year, we recognize outstanding safety performance at the site-level based on quantitative (e.g. TRIR, training hours, kaizen, etc.) and qualitative (e.g. culture, processes, engagement, etc.) evaluations. Winning facilities are awarded a Dover Safety Excellence trophy and site celebration. Pictured are employees at Dover Fueling Solutions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the 2020 Gold Award Winner for large facilities at the Dover Safety Excellence Awards 2020.

DFS Brazil 3

Promoting Safety

Managing health and safety has always been a priority for everyone at Dover. Given the wide diversity of our businesses, products, and geographies, these matters have historically been managed primarily at the individual operating company level. As such, operating company leaders regularly examine safety performance, including assessing root causes of recordable injuries, and promote leading safety actions. In addition, each of our facilities has a designated safety representative who works closely with the facility general manager to promote safe work practices and analyze safety incidents to prevent them from recurring.

Beginning in 2019, Dover began the process of overseeing operations management, including safety, from the corporate center as part of a set of initiatives designed to improve operational efficiency and enhance the continuous improvement programs embedded in its businesses’ day-to-day operations. In 2020, as part of the evolution of Dover’s operating model, and building on the strong foundation of exemplary safety practices already in place, Dover appointed its first Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). This role is responsible for the development of integrated safety and health strategies and implementation of EHS policies, procedures, and best practices throughout the organization.

We regularly conduct safety self-assessments to thoroughly examine safety culture and processes. The assessment process consists of documentation review, site safety walks, and interviews, and provides a detailed evaluation that includes scoring, supporting evidence, findings, and opportunities for improvements. The self-assessment evaluates critical safety procedures such as materials management, recognition programs, communication practices, risk management, safety policies, environmental factors, equipment, and leadership engagement.

Our practices have improved our safety performance over time. We plan to continue these activities and explore new methods to further promote health and safety in our workforce. In the near term, we aim to use a variety of tools, from focusing on a culture of safety to leveraging data and analytics to drive continuous improvement.

In 2020 and 2021, the impacts of COVID-19 further reinforced the importance of health and safety. As we continue to navigate the pandemic, our foremost focus is on the health and safety of our employees. We continue to observe enhanced health and safety measures across our facilities and to adhere to guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health and government authorities with respect to social distancing, physical separation, personal protective equipment, and sanitization. We continue to use specialized and revised procedures in accordance with regulatory guidance for dealing with confirmed COVID-19 cases, compliance auditing, and manufacturing line design. We continue to closely monitor the risks posed by COVID-19 and will adjust our protocol accordingly.

0DOVER Framework

As part of our centralization of safety and operations, we have rolled out a framework named 0DOVER which establishes a minimum standard of expectations and processes across our operating companies and a common approach towards world-class levels of performance across all major facets of our operations. 0DOVER is now a central tool to drive our journey of excellence in safety, execution, and talent development.

Health and Wellness

We offer a broad range of benefits designed to care for the total health of our employees. We offer medical and prescription drug coverage, health savings accounts and critical illness coverage (if enrolled in a consumer driven health plan), telehealth resources, dental and vision coverage, and wellness programs like weight management, fitness and nutrition, health support services, and health club discounts, among others. Our employee assistance program provides confidential support services, including counseling and financial consulting, to help our employees balance work and life responsibilities.