SASB Index

Sustainability Disclosure Topics & Accounting Metrics:

Topic Accounting Metric Category Unit of Measure Code Response
Energy Management (1) Total energy consumed Quantitative Gigajoules (GJ) RT-IG-130a.11,528,902 GJ 
(2) percentage grid electricity Quantitative Percentage (%) RT-IG-130a.1 64% grid electricity
(3) percentage renewable Quantitative Percentage (%) RT-IG-130a.1 7% of total energy is renewable; 11% of total electricity is renewable
Employee Health & Safety (1) Total recordable incident rate (TRIR) per 200,000 hours Quantitative Rate RT-IG-320a.1 0.98, excluding corporate
(2) fatality rate Quantitative Rate RT-IG-320a.1 0
(3) near miss frequency rate (NMFR) Quantitative Rate RT-IG-320a.1 Not currently disclosed. For information on our health and safety efforts refer to our Employee health and safety webpage.
Fuel Economy & Emissions in Use-phase Sales-weighted fleet fuel efficiency for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles Quantitative Gallons per 1,000 ton-miles RT-IG-410a.1 Not applicable to Dover. We do not sell non-road equipment, stationary generators, marine diesel engines, locomotive diesel engines, on-road engines and other non-road engines. For information on our work to improve emissions in our products and enable electrification and clean fuels for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, refer to our Innovation for sustainable products webpage.
Sales-weighted fuel efficiency for non-road equipment Quantitative Gallons per hour RT-IG-410a.2
Sales-weighted fuel efficiency for stationary generators Quantitative Watts per gallon RT-IG-410a.3
Sales-weighted emissions of: (1) nitrogen oxides (NOx) and (2) particulate matter (PM) for: (a) marine diesel engines, (b) locomotive diesel engines, (c) on-road medium- and heavy-duty engines, and (d) other non-road diesel engines Quantitative Grams per kilowatt-hour RT-IG-410a.4
Materials Sourcing Description of the management of risks associated with the use of critical materials Discussion and Analysis N/A RT-IG-440a.1 Human rights in the supply chain
Environmentally responsible sourcing
Remanufacturing Design & Services Revenue from remanufactured products and remanufacturing services Quantitative Reporting currency RT-IG-440b.1 Not currently disclosed. For information on our efforts enabling the circular economy refer to our Innovation for sustainable products webpage.
Data Security Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks in (1) company operations and (2) products Discussion and Analysis N/A RT-AE-230a.2 Data security and privacy
Activity Metrics Number of units produced by product category Quantitative Number RT-IG-000.A Not currently disclosed. Dover creates a wide variety of products and services so this is not a useful metric used by the company.
Number of employees Quantitative Number RT-IG-000.B Approximately 25,000 employees as of December 31, 2021 [2021 10-K]