Labor Relations

Dover is committed to upholding high labor relations standards for our employees by cultivating a culture of respect and integrity. We expect our management teams across the enterprise to follow core “positive employee relations” principles as they direct our workforces each day. These principles require consistent and fair rule enforcement; respectful and professional conduct; open and transparent communications; comprehensive training; fair pay and benefits; providing our employees with safe, clean and functional workspaces; proactively seeking out and addressing problems; and investigating and resolving complaints of misconduct in a timely manner. We regularly train our management team leaders on these expectations.

Consistent with these principles, we commit to promoting diversity, creating an inclusive culture, and providing equal opportunities in all aspects of employment. We have robust policies in place across the enterprise solidifying this commitment and prohibiting discrimination, retaliation, intimidation, or harassment. We react quickly and appropriately to address violations of these rules. We have committed to improving diversity and inclusion through targeted strategies, such as increased outreach efforts in our talent acquisition processes, and providing leadership training on unconscious bias and diversity and inclusivity principles in action.

We acknowledge our employees’ right to self-organization and to bargain collectively through labor organizations, as provided under the US National Labor Relations Act and similar laws across the rest of the world. Our operating company leadership teams establish and maintain positive relationships with the labor unions, works councils, trade associations, and other labor organizations that represent their employees, and negotiate with them in good faith over terms and conditions of employment.