A Message From the Chairman, President and CEO

Innovating for sustainability has long been fundamental to Dover's success. Reflecting that history and to help promote a shared understanding of our ESG priorities, in 2022 we adopted our sustainability vision: A sustainable innovation for every customer challenge. The vision resonates with our stakeholders, including our employees, who have always focused on efficiency and innovation, and our customers, who have always prioritized efficient products, and are increasingly looking at sustainability attributes during product lifecycles. To help make our vision a reality, our Sustainability Steering Committee cascades the tactical implementation of our sustainability strategy to our operating companies, including working groups focused on GHG reduction and innovation for sustainable products. By bringing sustainability explicitly into focus at the operational level, we believe we can drive additional emission reductions and continue to drive progress across all our ESG areas of focus.

Accordingly, we are sharing information so that our global team is better educated on sustainability and how it applies to their roles. This year we launched an internal Sustainability website that all operating companies can access. It contains resources and learning materials to promote cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing between operating companies for emissions reduction initiatives. Through these efforts, we are developing capabilities to deliver on emissions reduction and other sustainability goals.

Monitoring progress toward our ESG goals, I'm pleased to share we have already met our diversity and inclusion goals, ahead of schedule. We are on track to meet our 2025 employee health and safety goal. On the environmental front, we are keeping a close eye on our emissions levels, and developing plans for operational emissions reduction, which you can read about here.

Before I close, I want to recognize our stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, and customers for their dedication to this sustainability journey. Together, aligned to our sustainability vision, we have made the progress detailed in these webpages, with more happening every day.

Richard J. Tobin Signature

Richard J. Tobin
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
October 2023