A Message From the President and Chief Executive Officer

Earlier this year, I previewed a three-year plan to expand the scope and strength of Dover’s environmental, social, and governance practices and disclosures. The months that followed have served to further sharpen our focus on health and safety, fundamental values like respect and equality, and on the virtue of resilience.

The spread of COVID-19 has heavily disrupted the lives of many in Dover’s sphere and beyond, and prompted us to change some of the ways we do business and how we protect the health and safety of our employees. Our efforts in response to these significant challenges have enabled us to continue to provide the essential products and services our customers rely upon each and every day to support crucial societal functions. Since our inception, we have operated with an ownership mindset, which has served us well in navigating during these challenging times with our customers, employees, suppliers, and communities.

Against this backdrop, it is apparent to me that a deep sense of accountability underpins our commitment to sustainability matters – these elements have long been integral parts of running our portfolio of successful businesses. Our plan to enhance sustainability-related disclosures builds on our history of stewardship to provide the insights needed to see our work in action and measure our results. As we move forward, we are focused on further embedding our corporate responsibility priorities into our business strategy and pursuing sustainability initiatives that support our employees, customers, and communities to ensure our businesses continue to create long-term value for our shareholders.

Our ambitions are bold but our dedication to the work required to achieve these goals is not new. We are proud of our longstanding commitment to being a good corporate citizen in our communities and believe that our culture of operational excellence will help us to succeed in carrying out our plan.

The underlying values that have guided us in taking ownership of environmental, social, and governance matters remain the same as they were at our founding over 60 years ago.

Valuing Our People. Employees are the foundation of our track record of success. Our entrepreneurial culture and diverse workforce have always been and will continue to be core strengths for Dover.

Customer Engagement. By staying close to our customers, we have been successful in developing innovative products and solutions that contribute to their sustainability goals and initiatives, and we are committed to finding more opportunities for sustainability-driven innovation.

Resource Management. Our focus on continuous improvement in our operations includes the effective management and use of environmental resources. We achieved our 2020 goals ahead of schedule and will continue to reduce our emissions and energy usage as we do our part to build a sustainable economy.

High Ethical Standards. Our success depends on our ability to maintain the trust of our customers and shareholders. Among our highest priorities is operating with integrity, respect, and accountability – everywhere and every day.

With our three-year plan underway, the launch of our new sustainability webpage is an important step in delivering on our goals and serves to highlight the existing sustainability efforts across our operating companies. In the coming months and years to follow, we will share our progress on our sustainability commitments on this webpage, including success stories that point to our employees’ ability to deliver innovative and sustainable results for our business. You will find environmental, social, and governance metrics that speak to our progress as a company and stories that bring those metrics to life.

I am extremely proud to lead this innovative company and inspired by the passion of our employees to continue making valuable contributions on environmental, social, and governance matters. We look forward to sharing more details about our sustainability journey with you.

Richard J. Tobin Signature

Richard J. Tobin
President and Chief Executive Officer
July 2020