A Message From the President and Chief Executive Officer

A sustainable innovation for every customer challenge. This is our newly defined sustainability vision, which provides us with a north star for focused ESG investment and helps us promote a shared understanding of our ESG priorities. I look forward to engaging with our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to make this vision for the future a reality.  

Following my approval of our ESG goals in 2021, I am pleased to report we are making progress and are on track to meet each of our goals. This includes our 2030 science-based targets to reduce both our operational and value chain greenhouse gas emissions as well as our goals to promote employee health and safety and diversity and inclusion. On the environmental front, we continue to make sustainable and financially sound investments in energy efficiency and cleaner energy. On the social front, we continue to improve safety outcomes thanks to investments in enterprise-wide training and a health and safety digital management platform. We also launched our first global employee engagement survey in 2022 and have expanded the breadth of our inclusion training for our company leaders. As some of our diversity and inclusion goals near completion, we are carefully considering our next generation of goals that will continue to enhance the inclusiveness of our employee work environment.

Our product design teams frequently impress our customers and me with their product and solution sustainability successes. With increasing customer focus on decarbonization, our teams aspire to redefine what’s possible to create products that help customers meet their sustainability goals. The product design teams are intentional about sustainability, and we have put in place working groups to develop and share best practices for embedding sustainability considerations into new product development based largely on customer feedback and new product research.

Innovating for sustainability is fundamental to our business growth. We are met with increasing demand for environmentally-friendly products and we are adopting sustainability solutions as part of our business and M&A strategy. We completed the acquisitions of Acme Cryogenics, Inc. (Acme) and Engineered Controls International, LLC (RegO) in December 2021.  I am pleased to welcome each of the entities to our Dover portfolio, both of whom are focused on clean energy and enhance our portfolio with growing participation in the clean fuels space and other attractive adjacencies. Given our shifting portfolio, strategy and customer needs, we renamed our Fueling Solutions segment to “Clean Energy & Fueling” and our Refrigeration & Food Equipment segment to “Climate & Sustainability Technologies.”

As I take this time to reflect on and celebrate our accomplishments, I recognize we have a commitment to our stakeholders to increase our rigor in sustainability performance and to continue transparent reporting of our ESG activities. 2022 marks the end of our inaugural three-year sustainability plan. I look forward to engaging with our Sustainability Steering Committee and Board of Directors as we set the course for the next three years, including increasing our ambition and advancing progress on our ESG goals. I encourage you to navigate our website to learn more about our ESG strategy, progress, and next steps.

Richard J. Tobin Signature

Richard J. Tobin
President and Chief Executive Officer
December 2022