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Expert Insight: Improve In-Store Merchandising

Technology brings new opportunity to draw attention to the cold vault 

SYLMAR, Calif. – Each day competition in the food-retail sector grows more intense. Retaining current customers and attracting new ones is a continuing priority requiring considerable time and investment to gain the edge over the competition.

Shopper demographics and preferences continue to change. The older, traditional practices of discount/promotional pricing, printed signs/stickers and aisle video display monitors to attract customers and increase sales are becoming stale and have lost their effectiveness in many food-retail environments.

Fortunately, new innovations in digital signage technology are now available to engage customers using stunning, state-of-the-art, in-store communications to positively impact impulse buying behaviors and cultivate store brand loyalty. The latest advanced video solutions are not only highly effective, but they allow retailers to stand out from the competition. New video technology can effectively assist retailers in:

  • Increasing sales
  • Improving communications
  • Engaging with their customers

Next-Generation POP Sales Technology

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Recent technology advances have enabled development of the next-generation customer-engagement tool: transparent LCD displays embedded in refrigerated glass doors. This new technology plays relevant, full-motion video messages directly at the point-of-purchase (POP) in full HD while giving customers the ability to still see the products within the cooler or freezer cases.

Going far beyond traditional merchandising display media, embedded transparent video displays in cooler and freezer doors provide proximity-based messaging for improved shopper engagement and conversion.

The doors’ high-definition visual promotions can effectively capture shoppers’ attention and use targeted messages to connect with customer lifestyle and demographics. Transparent LCD technology generates high-impact engagement by placing actionable messages in the shoppers’ line of sight and within arm’s reach of the product, precisely where purchase decisions are made. This is particularly effective in increasing foot traffic and sales of targeted, higher margin merchandise.

Improving Communications

The colorful transparent LCD uses integrated wireless technology to deliver targeted day part messages, increasing the retailer’s promotional and limited-time-offer (LTO) effectiveness. For example, if a store is located next to a school or public venue, the retailer can insert content targeted to a specific demographic and deliver promotional messages tied to the venue, event or seasons.

With its flexible communication capabilities, this advanced digital-signage tool can become an integral part of an omni-channel strategy. Because of its adaptability and connectivity, transparent LCD technology can effectively communicate entertaining information about new products, store specials, LTO’s and store-branded messages.

Engaging with Customers

In addition to influencing purchase decisions, this technology can be pivotal in engaging with customers to help develop a store’s brand image, particularly with the digital generation. As more millennials become heads of households and technology continues to infuse into additional facets of everyday life, the retailer that has advanced technology will emerge as the one more connected to today’s shopper. It is this connection with the consumer that provides a positive shopping experience and is a major factor in growing sales and retaining a loyal customer base.

Full-motion digital signage that lets shoppers see the product through the transparent video display is an extremely effective new tool to increase sales, improve communications and engage with consumers. As food-retailer competition intensifies, the winners will be those able to attract and retain a loyal following using new innovative technology such as transparent LCD displays embedded in cooler/freezer doors to enhance customers’ shopping experience and drive higher margin sales.