Fibrelite Case Study: Container Terminal DCT Gdańsk

Light, Strong, Inert Composite Covers Offer Simple Access Solution for Container Terminal DCT Gdańsk

container terminal 1

Container Terminal DCT Gdańsk, Poland, the deepest container port in the Baltic sea, with the depth at app. 17 meters. Image Credit: Port of Gdansk

Project Overview

Ports are busy highly trafficked areas, with many underground utilities that require covering, but must be frequently accessed. These covers must be strong enough to withstand container carrying vehicles, the corrosive environment (saltwater, fuel) and all weather conditions.

As part of the extension of Container Terminal DCT Gdańsk (by construction company Besix) our Polish distributor Corrimex was approached to provide a strong, corrosion-resistant, easy to remove access solution.


Along the edge of the quay, a number of trench and sealed covers were required to cover access and valve pits. These required quick and easy regular access when cargo ships docked, yet needed to withstand very heavy loads (40-90 tonnes).


To cover the access pits, modular lightweight trench covers were supplied at a D400 load rating, allowing for safe two-person removal. For the water valve pits, sealed composite covers and frames were supplied at F900 load rating, which are light enough for safe single-person removal.

All Fibrelite covers are designed to be manually removed/replaced by either one or two people using the Fibrelite designed lifting handle(s) even at F900 (90 tonne) load rating. They also have an inherent resistance to corrosion and are hardwearing even in the harshest environment (extensively tested, see reports).

container terminal 2

Access pit along edge of quay

container terminal 3

Fibrelite’s trench covers covering access pit

container terminal 4

Composite frame over fresh water valve pit in concrete

container terminal 5

D400 load rated trench covers allowing safe manual removal

container terminal 6

F900 load rated sealed cover over fresh water valve pit


Pawel Gross at Corrimex (our Polish distributor) said:

“The Port owner and installer were both impressed at how light and easy to handle the covers were at high load ratings”

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