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OPW Products Work Together To Provide Fit And Forget Above Ground Remote Fill Solution

Romanian Fuel Retailer


Romanian Fuel Retailer specifies OPW products for series of installations

Project Overview

A Romanian oil company approached OPW to provide an easy to install, reliable above ground fill point solution including associated internal equipment (pipework and fill caps) that would perform for the life of the site.


They required an above ground remote fill sump which would allow safe fast access to fuelling points for tanker driver, while protecting against unauthorised access or water ingress from above or below ground. Four fill points and one vapour recovery were specified, with fill caps and an easy-install piping solution to run to fuel tanks. For safety, all items needed to be conductive to prevent static electricity build-up. Consideration was also given as to the accidental yet inevitable fuel drips and spills that occur when fuelling.

Installer friendly KPS piping

Installer friendly KPS piping used to connect fill points to tanks

GRP composite material

GRP composite material is impervious to corrosion from water & fuel


Industry first Fibrelite GRP above ground remote fill sumps provided a great alternative to traditional galvanised steel. The composite material is impervious to corrosion from exposure to water and fuel, meaning it will remain liquid tight for the life of the site, vacuum testable like all Fibrelite sumps.

Designed with a secondarily contained spill tray to catch fuel spills and drips, the system includes an earth cable kit to ground the pipework. The two-leaf watertight hinged door provides lockable easy access to the fill points for the tanker driver. On this site, the door was padlocked for security instead of each individual fill cap, allowing for faster fuel delivery. Models are available in three sizes to accommodate from three to seven fill and vapour recovery lines.

Supplied with high quality Fibrelite Viton pipe seals which will not deteriorate when exposed to fuel and vapours, the above ground remote fill’s simple single piece design provides a large working space to install pipework inside the sump before the spill container is installed.

Installer friendly KPS piping was used to connect the fill points and remote fill. Compact KPS fittings weld both pipes simultaneously wherever connections are required, reducing installation time.

To complete the containment, the OPW tight-fill top-seal caps were installed on top-seal adaptors, which prevent gasoline vapours from escaping and to prevent water, dust and debris from entering the tank. The OPW 634TT seal cap is heavy duty and corrosion resistant, with a body made of Duratuff to help eliminate rust and oxidation for a long, maintenance-free life. The toggle lever distributes downward pressure to compress its Buna-N gasket evenly, assuring a positive, water and vapor-tight seal. The 634TT can be locked with a padlock or wire seal.

Together, the Fibrelite sump, KPS piping and OPW fill caps formed a contained and conductive system, preventing leaks or static electricity build up.

OPW heavy duty corrosion resistant seal caps

OPW heavy duty corrosion resistant seal caps

OPW provided a fit-and-forget solution which will endure for the life of the site while reducing installation time by supplying all products from a single source, and reducing number of welds required with easy-install KPS piping.

The fuel retailer is continuing to roll Fibrelite above ground remote fills out across a series of new sites.