Car Washes Turn Clean Into Green for C-Store Owners

Three advantages boost the bottom line

Brought to you by PDQ Manufacturing.

PDQ ProTouch TANDEM TruckConvenience-store owners across the country are cleaning up by tapping into the $15 billion car wash industry. With improved support channels and advanced technology, vehicle-wash systems have never been more lucrative for c-store owners.

Adding or upgrading a car wash to your c-store can enhance your facility and boost your bottom line. With up to 80% of each car wash sales dollar representing gross profit, a car wash is one of the most successful investments on the market today.

If you haven’t yet invested in a car wash, it’s time to understand the investment advantages. And if you are currently operating one, it could be the perfect time to consider an upgrade with advancements in technology and support.

Maximize your profits and property
Ancillary profit streams can make or break a retail fueling business. A car wash adds an around-the-clock profit center to any c-store and is one of the best ways to boost the bottom line while offering convenience for customers. In fact, a car wash is potentially the highest-margin feature on the property.

Due to limited space, in-bay automatic car wash systems are the preferred choice of c-store owners. In-bay automatics have a smaller footprint than tunnel systems, which can be two to three times longer than in-bay systems. Additionally, they require far less maintenance; and, most important, incur zero labor costs.

Benefit from improved technology and support
In-bay car washes offer two types of technology. A friction system gently touches the vehicle to remove dirt and dust, while a touchless system uses high-pressure water to clean the vehicle’s exterior, apply chemicals, polish and rinse.

Technological advances over the past few years have made both friction and touchless systems more reliable and efficient than ever before.

Mechanical improvements to both systems have greatly reduced downtime, which prevents lost profits and frustrated customers. But when you have questions or are experiencing issues, nothing is more important than an experienced and trusted supplier.

One of the biggest issues C-stores have had is that once they invested in a car wash, communication with their distributor came to a halt. This should never be the case. A distributor should be trusted as an ally for anything and everything, including:

  • Delivering the vehicle-wash system with the highest return on investment.
  • Identifying environmentally efficient solutions.
  • Providing installation, preventative maintenance and emergency service.
  • Determining a customized ROI calculator that will determine the average number of car washes per gallons of gas sold.

PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems has worked with Missouri-based Wallis Companies for nearly two decades and helped them create customized car wash solutions for their c-store franchise management.

“As car wash equipment has gotten more technologically advanced, the equipment has become more challenging,” explained Chad Wallis, general manager of Wallis Companies. “Challenging in a good way in that you’re getting top performance and the most advanced equipment with improved services.”

The sole purpose of a distributor is to help the c-store thrive with the addition or optimization of a car wash.

Create convenience and loyalty
Adding or optimizing a car wash at your c-store will help strengthen preference and loyalty with your customers. Providing a clean vehicle in an efficient time period will create loyalty. Customers will continue to return, which can lead to a trickle-down effect that results in an increased volume of ancillary purchases.