Don’t Settle for Knockoff Parts in the Cold Vault

Three cold-vault components to focus on

Brought to you by Anthony.

Anthony Convenience Store Petroleum Enewsletter Branded Article Image1There is no way that a car collector would ever dream of replacing the parts on his Cadillac—even the most insignificant lug nut—with those from a Yugo.

Therefore, it would stand to reason that convenience-store retailers would know that if the wear components for its cooler and freezer cases—gaskets, lighting and shelves—ever need to be replaced, it should be done with spare parts from the manufacturer of those components. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

For example, the rule of thumb for c-store operators is that if they have cooler and freezer doors from Anthony®, a leading provider of cooler and freezer doors and related components, they should be replaced with genuine Anthony parts when the time comes. Retailers should also be aware that if non-Anthony replacement parts are used, the cooler or freezer door’s warranty will be invalidated.

As mentioned, there are three types of components that will need to be replaced at some point during the door’s operational lifetime:


No component in a c-store’s cold-vault aisles takes more abuse than the gaskets on cooler and freezer doors. Designed to keep cold air in and warm air out, the gaskets are at the mercy of repeated open-and-close cycles—on average 140 times a day—numerous on/off anticondensate heating cycles, and general abuse from shoppers and stockers. So, after three to five years of this abuse, all cold-vault door gaskets will be nothing more than a strip of rubber on the door frame.

Anthony recommends replacing worn or damaged gaskets with its LifePlus Gasket®, which is constructed of a gasket material that will keep its shape no matter the usage conditions. This will help lower energy costs, eliminate air leakage and generally improve the shopping experience. The life span of LifePlus Gaskets can be up to 10 years.


Replacing an old lighting system with Anthony’s Optimax LED Lighting will improve customer visibility of cold-vault products. Since the light is designed to be evenly distributed and the system’s high color rendering index (CRI) illuminates the true colors of the merchandise, the products “pop” off the shelves. Optimax LED lights have been tested to deliver 50,000-hour L70 life.


Anthony’s fully adjustable shelving systems have been specifically designed to fit seamlessly in its complete lines of reach-in cold-vault freezers, coolers and walk-in coolers. They maximize capacity with shelf depths up to 6 feet, offer improved product visibility, are available in double-wide options and require less stocking time. Additionally, Anthony’s new gravity-driven Mini-Roller System features a one-piece roller shelf that enables multiple-sized facings on the same shelf to slide smoothly and independently to the front of the shelf as items are removed. This design also allows the shelves to be easily reworked as product configurations change.

The ravages of time and the abuse of the buying public and stockers mean that cooler and freezer door components will have to be replaced at some time. If Anthony cold-vault doors and components were good enough to be purchased initially, it makes sense that their replacement parts will meet the same standard for quality and reliability.

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