KPS Provides Easy-Install Safe Fuel Delivery System for Maldives Island’s Sole Energy Source

Shipping Dependent Fuel

Maldives island’s energy is dependent on shipped in fuel

Saltwater Exposure

Fuel delivery jetty: piping has constant exposure to saltwater

Project Overview

Like a number of small islands, this one is completely dependent on fuel shipped in. This is stored in overground tanks then used to refuel boats and power generators producing energy for the entire island. This island had been recently bought by a Czech entrepreneur and was relying on antiquated equipment and piping. KPS was approached to provide a reliable long-term solution.

Pipe Unwrapping

Unwrapping the KPS 75/63SCEC double wall fuel coil for the new fuel line

Installer-Friendly Piping

Installer friendly KPS piping allowed for quick easy installation


When bought, the island was fitted with old obsolete equipment, requiring complete rebuilding including replacing previously installed corroding steel piping and extending and building new jetties.

When a fuel delivery ship arrived at the designated jetty, the fuel needed to be transported to the storage facility at the centre of the island. From here, the fuel needed to be distributed to two other jetties to refuel boats. As this was the island’s only energy source, a very reliable solution was required. Equipment installed would have constant exposure to saltwater, need to be safe in case of sparks generated when delivering fuel and allow no fuel to permeate into the ground, protecting the scenic local flora and fauna. Due to the large amounts of piping, easy installation was key.


KPS piping provided a safe easy-install solution requiring the minimum possible number of welds (KPS double wall piping requires fewer welds than any other system available). Double wall 125/110 conductive pipe carries fuel from the delivery jetty to storage, then double wall 75/63 conductive pipe carries fuel to refuelling jetties. Piping is installed on hanging mounts below jetties allow an efficient fuelling process. The double wall piping ensures no permeation of fuel into surrounding environment. KPS pipe is completely un-reactive to saltwater, eliminating the risk of deterioration with constant exposure. Conductivity ensures safe grounding in the event of sparks or static electricity generated while fuelling.

Storage Points

Fueling lines running from jetty to storage point

Refueling Lines

Refuelling lines running from storage point to jetty

Corrosion Impervious

Fuelling lines run below jetty from ship to storage point and are impervious to corrosion from saltwater


Installation went smoothly and finished on schedule. Now the island and holiday resort have a reliable discreet energy source with no danger to surrounding wildlife.