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French truck maker relies on Mouvex

By Laura Cork

March 7, 2018

Mouvex CabsFrench truck maker Cab’s Industries says it relies on Mouvex pumps and compressors for top quality components in its vehicles.

The OEM builds transport trucks that are used in the delivery of liquid and dry-bulk raw materials and finished food, chemical and petroleum products.

Philippe Maisonneuve, general manager at Cab’s Industries, says that while some suppliers only offer bulk products or liquid pumps, “Mouvex has all of the products — bulk compressors, pumps for hydrocarbons, pumps for chemicals, compressors for chemicals, hydraulic coolers.

He adds: “It’s a nice range with very good products. They are also compact in design and lightweight, which helps us comply with strict Euro VI regulations regarding transport size and weight.”

The Mouvex compressor model most often fitted by Cab’s Industries is the B200 Flow Control Series screw compressor. The B200 is compatible with all truck models and configurations, and can be mounted to the vehicle through the power take-off (PTO) with no prop or drive shaft required.

The compressor is lightweight, easy to maintain and has an optimised flow path to reduce unloading times. Exterior components, including flanges and relief valve, are stainless steel and it can be fitted with a silencer if required.

Other products used include the Enterprise Series van compressor, the CC8 Series rotary vane pump — “the best pump on the market”, according to Maisonneuve — and Hydrive hydraulic coolers.

“In our business, reputation is very important, and we have worked very hard to build ours,” adds Maisonneuve.

“That’s why we use Mouvex — we know we will have no risks to our reputation by using Mouvex products.”

Laura Cork

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