3rd Eye Digital Tools Provide Critical Safety and Operational Support to Towing Industry

Source: 3rd Eye, part of Dover's Environmental Solutions Group

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Camera Systems with Digital Backroom Protects against Fraud While Improving Safety

3rd Eye cameras and their robust backroom cloud-based software analytics are beginning to make their presence known in the towing industry, and according to Carolina Towing owner Frank Mishoe, it couldn’t happen fast enough.

The North Augusta, South Carolina, towing company has been providing towing services for seven years to eight adjacent counties, and the 3rd Eye cameras and real-time video monitoring capabilities protect Mishoe’s assets, as well as his operators.

“Prior to the 3rd Eye system, our drivers would often get blamed for pre-existing damage to a vehicle we towed,” said Mishoe. “Most of the time, we would simply pay for the damage out of our own pocket – even when we knew it was fraudulent - rather than risk spikes in our insurance premiums.”

3rd Eye’s cab-mounted twin camera (that films both the driver, as well as what the driver sees – combined with a second camera on the exterior back of the cab that captures what is behind the vehicle) provides protective views of a customer’s vehicle when the tow truck first arrives – before Mishoe’s operators touch the vehicle. These video images are captured automatically and stored in the cloud, allowing for immediate retrieval and review if an issue arises.

“We had an issue with an individual that claimed we damaged her vehicle. I always take these issues seriously – as accidents can happen. In this case, we pulled the video which clearly showed the damage was pre-existing prior to our arriving on the scene,” said Mishoe, adding “we emailed her the video and the claim was dropped on the spot.”

As in other market segments that 3rd Eye is actively involved in, accident mitigation is a key component in the overall product offering – and something that can save untold thousands in damage, not to mention costly litigation.

“The 3rd Eye systems like those used with Carolina Towing pay for themselves on the first mitigated claim,” said 3rd Eye VP of Sales, Eric Monsen. “This is the type of business that the 3rd Eye Digital and 3rd Eye MobileVision systems were engineered for and we’re proud to offer solutions that will directly positively impact their bottom line.

Mishoe is also using the 3rd Eye driver-facing camera to monitor driver behavior to provide coaching during their weekly safety meetings.

“I do monitor driver infractions, because safety is our number one priority – and I want to make sure my drivers always operate our vehicles correctly. It’s just as important that they go home to their families safely every night – and that they are aware of coachable moments and how they can improve,” said Mishoe.

Mishoe plans to grow his towing business and 3rd Eye products will be a standard feature on his roll back units.

3rd Eye MobileVision:

The 3rd Eye MobileVision video offerings are part of its Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics™ (VBA) – a complete suite of information captured by 3rd Eye cameras, collision avoidance radar, body sensors and chassis data – transmitted in real time via 3rd Eye’s Hurricane Gateway to fleet owners to help better manage and protect their assets. All data is transmitted through the use of one connection, cutting down wire bundle clutter and simplifying installation, maintenance, and ultimately – data dissemination.

About 3rd Eye:

3rd Eye was formed in 2001. The company provides real-time Vehicle Function/Route Performance Analytics and also uses state-of-the-art camera systems to capture and document in-cab and external events to improve the safety, reliability and profitability of collection fleet operations. 3rd Eye is committed to ongoing innovation, engineering excellence, and impeccable business ethics.