Fibrelite Manufactures Bespoke Lightweight Trench Covers For London Football Stadium

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Project Overview:

A football stadium in London needed to replace outdated camera pit covers that were no longer meeting health and safety standards. A long-term solution suitable for pedestrian traffic that was approved in line with BS EN124 standards was required. Additionally, the new covers had to fit into the existing dimensions of the camera trench pits


The thin plastic decking was unsuitable for its intended use due to substandard material with lack of durability. The covers had become warped and bent as a result of rainwater saturation. They were difficult to lift and caused unnecessary strain on the lower back due to their design. Lastly, the dilapidated covers were a major health and safety hazard considered unsafe for pedestrians.

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Fibrelite provided a bespoke covering solution for the client to meet their onsite specifications with no major upheaval to existing facilities. The equipment was designed, manufactured, and delivered to the site in just over a month after the order was placed. Covers were supplied in a custom blue color (Fibrelite covers can be manufactured in any RAL color to suit customer requirements).

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Installation was completed in accordance with the client’s construction program and Fibrelite assisted with the process to ensure a smooth transition. The trench area can now be used by pedestrians safely without risk of injury due to the high strength-to-weight ratio and anti-slip properties equivalent to a high-grade road surface. Fibrelite’s lightweight covers can be easily removed and replaced by two people using the ergonomically designed FL7 lifting handles. 

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