2019 Dover Safety Excellence Award Winners

Safety Award WinnersDover recognizes the value of safety and is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. Our employees are our most valuable asset. One way we bring our commitment to life is through the awarding of our annual Safety Excellence Awards.

The 2019 award categories were divided into large sites, with over 150 employees and small sites, with 150 employees or fewer. Dover senior management selected and presented the awards to the most outstanding performers based on multiple factors. The excellence in safety designation is achieved by meeting specific safety performance results in both quantitative and qualitative categories, which include the total recordable incident rate, training hours and other Dover criteria.

Below are the winners of the 2019 Dover Safety Excellence Awards:

Large Facilities:
Ulrika Nordqvist, CEO of SWEP, receiving the Gold Safety Excellence Award.

  • Gold Award Winner, SWEP – Landskrona, Sweden, won Gold because of their consistency in performance, demonstration of leadership support, evidence of high employee engagement through kaizen and ergonomic improvements. Pictured to the right is Ulrika Nordqvist, CEO of SWEP, receiving the award.
  • Silver Award Winner, DFS Tokheim – Dundee, Scotland, won the Silver award because of their consistency in performance while demonstrating world-class safety processes.
  • Bronze Award Winner, Destaco – Mount Juliet, TN, won Bronze for demonstrating an amazing turnaround in safety performance, along with high engagement from employees.

Small Facilities:

  • Gold Award Winner, DPC Inpro/Seal – Rock Island, IL, won Gold for showcasing an
    amazing safety performance ending with zero recordable injuries in 2019. Part of their results came from the incredible amount of safety improvements from employees.
  • Silver Award Winner, DPC Waukesha – Glasgow, UK, won the Silver by demonstrating best practices for safety training and performance in a challenging work environment.
  • Bronze Award Winner, JK Group – Noverdrate (CO), Italy, won Bronze for their consistent performance results and evidence of best practices through robust safety processes.