Bagelstein and Caldera – A Recipe for Success

Caldera, a part of Dover Digital Printing, collaborates with Bagelstein to create a recipe for success
Starting from its first restaurant in 2011, Bagelstein, a French bagel chain, is a “made-in-France” success story that has expanded to 107 branches across Europe in just nine years. Caldera, part of Dover Digital Printing, is thrilled to play a part in this journey by enabling Bagelstein to create a multitude of entertaining visuals to build the brand’s unique identity across all of its stores.

Bagelstein“For us, Caldera is the essential link, placing our crazy spirit at the heart of our in-store communication,” said Thierry Veil, CEO of Bagelstein.

The core of Bagelstein’s commercial strategy lies in the creation of a powerful marketing message that makes the company stand out from the crowd.

“To communicate our story requires a lot of printing in all of our stores, with constantly changing point-of-sale advertising material. Our advertising and in-store communication can change daily, and Caldera allows us to respond quickly to the demands of the business,” explains Veil.

The company uses Caldera VisualRIP+ to drive their digital printers. VisualRIP+ is a comprehensive workflow solution that is ideal for creating Bagelstein’s visual communication collateral. Having been designed with growing businesses in mind, VisualRIP+ has worked particularly well as the company has expanded. It utilizes a powerful ICC color calibration engine and the range of optional modules allows for further functionality. An intuitive and easy to use GUI and the ability to handle print-to-cut production is exactly in line with Bagelstein’s demanding requirements.

“For us, Caldera is like the airlock between the street and the Bagelstein universe, a world of brilliant images, spoof newspaper headlines and great jokes. We need consistently high-quality prints to reproduce this humor and maintain our brand image. And Caldera gives us the ability to do this well, day after day,” explains Veil.  

Veil is clear in his conclusion, “We need Caldera for its quality, and it provides us with a finished product that is impeccable.” For Bagelstein, maintaining quality is the key, for both its products and its communication strategy.