Refreshing Pump Technology for the Beverage Industry

Mouvex®, part of PSG® a Dover company, is bringing innovative and refreshing solutions to the table for the beverage industry. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Auxerre, France, unique pump technology from Mouvex offers an array of advantages for many different types of beverage producers.

Production Processes

Manufacturers of soft drinks are focused on producing a product that maintains the highest level of consistent quality while also improving operational sustainability. From the initial ingredient transport, to the soda in the consumer’s hand, Mouvex pumps are involved in product transfer points along the process. These pumps maintain consistent quality as the highest priority during each step, while also improving efficiency, safety and reliability. 

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Figure 1 The role Mouvex pumps play in the process of producing soft drinks.

Another area where Mouvex pumps are utilized extensively is within the wine making industry. The gentle handling of Mouvex pump technology is ideal for wine production. Volumetric consistency and exceptional product recovery are better ensured, all while keeping hygienic standards high.

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Eccentric Disc Technology

An essential key to the pump technology that makes these processes possible is Mouvex’s Eccentric Disc Pump Technology. This technology has been specifically designed for extremely hygienic operations, such as the beverage industry. These pumps are unique in that they have an innovative, seal-less design. This design reduces the risk of product contamination, costly leakages; and helps avoid spills, waste and product spoilage. The eccentric disc technology ensures the production processes remain consistent; keeping recipes and formulas intact to deliver the experience intended.

Application Successes

The global beverage conglomerate, Coca-Cola, has experienced the advantages of Mouvex’s technology. One of the company’s key European locations, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC), was searching for a way to deliver the product quality expected from such an iconic company, while meeting Coca Cola’s goal of optimized corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. Mouvex’s eccentric disc pumps provided an increase in efficiency while decreasing energy and water consumption. High product recovery rates resulted in reduced waste; all while keeping maximum quality with top safety standards. See the results.

A state-of-the-art winery also found success while implementing Mouvex’s eccentric disc pumps. Located in France, Bailly Lapierre is a leading producer of sparkling wine. The winery was in need of a gentle, leak-free pump technology featuring a hygienic design. Mouvex met these needs while also providing capabilities for critical wine pressing and transfer and bottling applications. See the results.

The craft brewery world has similarly benefited from Mouvex’s eccentric disc pumps. Surly Brewing implemented the technology due to the pump’s ability to maintain consistency and quality, while efficiently and safely transferring delicate products. See the results.


With more than a century of experience, Mouvex is a leader in product innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions. Mouvex pumps excel in beverage applications because they have been designed to conform with sanitary standards while providing gentle product handling, superior containment and easy maintenance. With proven successes that span the industry, Mouvex provides the technology necessary to efficiently keep beverages safe, quality high and quench consumers’ thirst.