Award-Winning MAGNES Series Pumps Deliver Solutions and Performance

By: PSG, A Dover Company

blackmer-magnes-slidingvane-pump_1-lrFor Blackmer®, product performance, reliability and safety are paramount.

When those products also provide resolutions to common issues and start winning awards because of that, it means the company has done something more than right. That’s exactly what happened with the introduction of the Blackmer MAGNES Series.

The holistic design in the MAGNES Series pumps takes the dry-run, cavitation-less, vapor/liquid mixture and solids-handling capabilities of sliding vane technology and merges them with an innovative magnetic drive. The result is the world’s first seal-less sliding vane magnetic drive pump that tackles several common operational pain points simultaneously, all while delivering new levels of safety and reliability.

2020_POY_AwardLogo_SilverIn recognition of this impeccable product, the MAGNES Series took silver in Plant Engineering’s 2020 Fluid-Handling Product of the Year Awards and is becoming universally recognized as the new standard in fluid processing safety and performance.

The main advantage of MAGNES Series pumps, aside from their impressive performance, is their ability to resolve multiple known issues.

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