OPW Adds New Virtual Tool for Fueling Component Education

OPW Retail Fueling has rolled out a new digital tool during its fall trade show season. The Interactive Virtual Forecourt, shown at the PEI Convention at the NACS Show, allows OPW customers and distributors to navigate a fully-equipped, 3D fueling station by clicking on specific component segments. Built to provide a visual layout of above ground and below ground equipment, this tool shows where OPW products fit into a retail fueling environment and offers additional information on the features of individual components. Both retail fueling station and diesel truck stop operators can use the Interactive Virtual Forecourt to find products relevant to their needs.

As a Dover company, OPW is committed to being a market leader and designing products with a focus on protecting people and the environment. The development of an interactive tool creates convenience for customers, who will now be able to easily find and compare piping and containment systems, underground storage tank equipment and dispensing equipment in a single digital resource. Customers come to the tool with particular operational needs and leave with potential solutions.

While the Interactive Virtual Forecourt acts as a sales aid, customers, regulators and distributor sales personnel can also utilize it as an informative training tool to help acclimate anyone who is new to the industry.

OPW continues its mission of Defining What’s Next across a variety of fluid handling industries, but the significance of this latest resource extends beyond the forecourt. This example of an interactive equipment consideration and selection interface can translate to any industry where customers rely on manufacturers for product education and technical guidance.

Watch the overview video below to learn more about this new digital experience, and explore the Interactive Virtual Forecourt here.