Dispensing Innovation - A Closer Look at Today's Chemical Dispensers

This article originally appeared in the September 2021 Issue of Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine.

By: Scott Campbell, Global Product Manager at Hydro Systems

Dispensing InvvoationImage courtesy of Hydro Systems

With benefits like precise measurements, enhanced user safety, increased productivity, cost savings and more, chemical dispensers are a custodian closet staple. As the world adjusts to our “new normal” and cleanliness remains a top priority for facilities of all sizes, dispensing technology has advanced to meet the latest challenges.

Some of today’s most popular and innovative dispensers feature unique capabilities to ensure hard surfaces, as well as dishware and linens, are cleaned and disinfected correctly the first time. Some of the latest trends in dispensers include: 

All-in-one systems 

Many facilities have had to update or introduce new cleaning and disinfecting products to their daily routines. To use multiple chemicals while also eliminating dilution variance and crossover, a multi-product chemical dispenser that houses separate chemicals behind locked enclosures ensures easy access to commonly used products throughout the day. These all-in-one systems offer added assurance and flexibility for larger operations.

Portable or handheld designs

Many chemical dispensers can be easily mounted to the wall to save space, but as cleaning demands increase, it’s important for facility managers and their teams to be able to move equipment around. Portable foamers and sprayers have become increasingly popular, as they provide accurate dilutions and concentrated cleaning products wherever you go as long as they can connect to a nearby water source.

Increased connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t a new concept, but facility managers have begun to recently realize its potential as more chemical dispensers feature this technology. Connected dispensers allow facilities to create smart cleaning environments. From restrooms to kitchens to lobbies to laundry rooms— connectivity provides insight into daily operations and alerts staff to issues, such as low chemicals or a leak, allowing for swift action to take place. It also provides accurate data to help improve daily operations.

Sustainable and lasting materials

As facilities take steps toward becoming more environmentally friendly, while also increasing chemical use for cleaning, it’s become increasingly important to find sustainable dispensing solutions. Dispensers are known for saving water, chemical, and electricity use by ensuring accurate dilutions with each use. The latest dispensing systems are also built to withstand frequent use over long periods of time. Certain dispensers also utilize chemically resistant valves while also featuring high-quality and sustainable materials to stand up to any new product that may be introduced.

Today’s chemical dispensers can help ensure sparkling floors, streak-free glass, and spotless surfaces, while also making day-to-day tasks simpler and quicker. Modern dispensers will continue to evolve with the industry’s growing needs to help us all clean with confidence. 

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