Six Dover Manufacturing Facilities Attain Operational Excellence Certification in 2022

PSG Hydro2Reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement, we are focused on achieving operational excellence, and our global facilities are working to implement the 0DOVER Operational Excellence Model, a comprehensive model to drive transformational processes resulting in enhanced facility performance in the areas of safety, quality, delivery and productivity.

In 2022, six Dover facilities attained the Driving Change Operational Excellence certifications:

  1. Dover Precision Components - Antigo, WI

  2. Markem-Imaje - Shanghai, China 

  3. OPW - Smithfield, NC

  4. PSG Hydro - Cincinnati, OH

  5. PSG - Grand Terrace, CA

  6. TWG - Tulsa, OK 

“The 0DOVER Model sets a very high standard of excellence across a comprehensive scope of operational processes and metrics. These standards humble us by showing just how far we still have to go in our journey while also giving us confidence we are doing the right things to deliver results for our customers and our business. It’s how we win,” said David Malinas, Senior Vice President of Operations.

We are proud of these facilities for their cross-functional and creative efforts to attain these achievements. Our journey continues going into 2023, and we will further expand our implementations of 0DOVER and strengthen our operational foundation.

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