2022 Dover Safety Excellence Award Winners

Pictured above: Employees at Destaco in Oberursel, Germany, the 2022 Gold Award Winner for small facilities.

At Dover, our employees are our most valuable asset. We believe that a healthy and safe workforce is an engaged workforce that is ready and able to contribute by making quality products for our customers, engaging in collaboration, and driving innovation. Safety performance at our facilities starts with strong leadership and is driven by our safety-first culture and our continuous improvement mindset. One way we bring our safety commitment to life is through the Dover Safety Excellence Awards.

Each year, we recognize outstanding safety performance at the site-level based on quantitative (e.g., TRIR, training hours, kaizen, etc.) and qualitative (e.g., culture, processes, engagement, etc.) evaluations. The award categories are divided into large sites, with over 150 employees and small sites, with 150 employees or fewer.

Pictured above: Employees at Dover Food Retail in Conyers, Georgia, the 2022 Bronze Award Winner for large facilities.

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Dover Safety Excellence Awards:

Large Facilities:

Small Facilities:

For the “Exceptional Turnaround” or most improved award, we are happy to announce Markem-Imaje (Keene, New Hampshire) and OPW (Skipton, United Kingdom) as the winners.

We thank our employees and facilities for their ongoing commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace and look forward to seeing similar progress at Dover locations in 2023. 

Pictured above: Employees at TWG in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, the 2022 Silver Award Winner for small facilities.

Pictured above: Employees at Dover Precision Components in Guaymas, Mexico, the 2022 Bronze Award Winner for small facilities.