Exceptional Configuration Possibilities with the Wayne Helix™ 6000 II CNG Fuel Dispenser

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With countries around the world implementing legislation to encourage the use of and investment in alternative fuels, it’s now time to diversify the clean energy offering on your forecourt.


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is considered the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels and goes a long way to support a decarbonized energy mix for road transport. The Wayne Helix™ 6000 II CNG fuel dispenser is specifically designed to effectively and efficiently deliver CNG on any forecourt. Perfectly suited for use on retail vehicles and heavy-duty transport, this model leverages decades of hydraulic innovation to make the refueling process safe and reliable. The Helix 6000 II CNG fuel dispenser is effortlessly engineered to fit the needs of your business model; providing more choices for you and your customers. It’s the next step in expanding your fuel offering, today.

Multiple Configuration Possibilities

The Helix 6000 II CNG fuel dispenser is available as a standalone (CNG only) or back-to-back model (suitable for fleet applications) alongside conventional fuels – making it suitable for both retail and LGV (large goods vehicle) applications. With various configurations possible, one or two nozzles on each side, and a broad range of options, this dispenser can facilitate even the most demanding forecourt needs. Safe and secure, the Helix 6000 II CNG fuel dispenser meets the highest levels of security standards.

With two mass flow meters for simultaneous filling on both sides, the Helix 6000 II CNG four-nozzle fuel dispenser provides fuel retailers with a choice. This new four-hose model has two nozzles on each side for full flexibility – both NGV1 and NGV2 nozzles. The NGV1 nozzle is a self-service nozzle designed for fast fueling of light and heavy-duty vehicles. The NGV2 self-service nozzle is designed for high-flow, fast filling of transit buses and heavy-duty vehicles. The same field-proved hydraulics and leading technology provides trusted Wayne performance and superior nozzle availability. Whatever the customer needs, the Helix 6000 II CNG fuel dispenser has it covered.

Exceptional configuration possibilities with the Wayne Helix™ 6000 II CNG fuel dispenser

Improved Customer Experience

As dual-sided or single-side model, the Helix 6000 II CNG fuel dispenser is there to help improve the overall customer experience at your service station. Designed to suit a variety of market preferences, the refueling process is fast, easy and smooth. What’s more, this model has been designed for self-service filling with standard post-pay operations. Alternatively, this dispenser can also be configured for pre-pay operations.

At Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) we are dedicated to offering cleaner and more environmentally friendly ways to power vehicles. To help contribute to a greener planet, we have invested in a broad range of products and solutions that support a variety of clean fuels, including CNG, liquefied natural gas (LNG), Hydrogen (H2), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and electricity (EVC), alongside conventional fuel dispensers that have a lower impact on the environment.

Each of these fuels are an essential part of the decarbonized energy mix and DFS are here to make sure their technologies support our customers, and their customers, on the journey towards a more sustainable future.

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