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Food Retailers Discuss the Future of Sustainable Refrigeration at Hillphoenix Tech Symposium

Nearly 30 ATMOsphere America attendees took a road trip from Atlanta to Hillphoenix’s Conyers, Georgia, headquarters for a day of delving into refrigeration technologies and trends — and a firsthand look at the latest cooling technology for food retailers.

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Hillphoenix’s June 24 Technology Symposium, managed by Supermarket Sense, was called “State-of-the-Art is Due for an Update.” It covered refrigeration topics and trends crucial to supermarkets, convenience stores and other food retailers. Among them:

  • Current regulations and anticipated regulatory changes
  • Emerging alternative refrigeration case technology, including developments in Hillphoenix’s Second Nature® CO2 Booster, Cascade and Secondary systems
  • Ways to extend product life using sustainable refrigeration technology
  • How to cut costs by 60% through energy rebates
  • What’s ahead as next-generation technology reshapes the market
Hillphoenix Food Retailers 

During the expert-led sessions, attendees learned how Hillphoenix’s commitment to research, design and development gives its customers a competitive edge. “Our goal was to help our customers understand how our products and expertise can increase revenue, reduce costs and boost shopper satisfaction,” said Scott Martin, Hillphoenix’s director of sustainable technologies.

Martin and Hillphoenix’s Senior Corporate Trainer Rusty Walker were two of a handful of company experts invited to speak at ATMOsphere America, which took place in Atlanta June 25-26. ATMOsphere is an international organization that conducts worldwide workshops and conferences on natural refrigerants for higher efficiency and a cleaner environment. “The ATMOsphere attendees who joined us in Conyers got an up-close look at our Second Nature line and learned how CO2, glycol and ammonia-based alternative refrigerants can help food retailers get off the regulatory treadmill and focus on their business,” Martin said.

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Walker added, “As the use of natural refrigerants grows, it’s vital for us to collaborate with industry players to design Hillphoenix Learning Center courses to meet industry challenges. ATMOsphere provides a great forum for that.”

Hillphoenix works with refrigerant manufacturers, component suppliers and retailers to explore the opportunities and challenges of the alternative refrigerant market. “Our objective, third-party analysis and recommendations enable retailers to plan now for what’s ahead,” Martin said.

Learn more about Hillphoenix’s pioneering role in alternative refrigeration systems and its Second Nature line at And keep up with industry trends on Hillphoenix’s LinkedIn page, where you’ll find a video about how to calculate return on investment in CO2.