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Fibrelite Case Studies Document Supply of Trench Access Covers to a UK Power Station

Fibrelite recently completed a two-phase project to replace exterior and interior trench access covers at a UK power station. In the exterior phase, old fashioned concrete and steel covers were replaced with Fiberlite's lightweight, composite trench access covers. The result was a safer environment that is easier and less expensive to maintain.

In the second phase, Fibrelite replaced corroding and crumbling trench access covers in the entrance of the power station's boiler room. Due to the heavy vehicles that pass through the entrance regularly, the replacement covers needed a high load rating (D400). Adding to the challenge, the power station required that the new panels match the coloring of floor and Fibrelite was able to closely match the pale green color.

Replacing Steel and Cast Iron Worldwide

While not every application for access and trench covers currently requires a composite alternative, the challenges of a safer and “higher tech” world is causing the designers of underground infrastructure to specify them.

Highly Engineered

Fibrelite's access covers are lightweight, durable and very strong. Every Fibrelite cover is manufactured using high-technology Resin Transfer Mounding (RTM) production methods to create a highly engineered, monolithic composite product.

Fibrelite offers the best strength to weight ratio in the industry, allowing for maximum load bearing strength and durability while remaining lightweight and easy to handle.

To learn more, please download the case study:

Fibrelite Supply Trench Access Covers to a Power Station (PDF)