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Green is the New Black

Next-generation “green” door technology can be a boost to your bottom line

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It used to be that the two most important colors for supermarket and grocery store retailers when contemplating their bottom lines was whether they were written in black (profitable) or red (unprofitable) ink. In today’s age of increased social and corporate responsibility, however, another color has taken up a prominent position in the retail vernacular: “green.”

Specifically, operators in all industries are now expected to exhibit a social conscience and do whatever is possible to craft their operations in a way that creates a more sustainable and healthier world to live. This is usually accomplished through the implementation of greener – i.e. more environmentally friendly – operations that will help prevent climate change.

Though supermarkets and grocery store operators are interested in doing their part to minimize the carbon footprints of their facilities, they often face a Catch-22 situation when “going green” because the cost of greening their operation can be prohibitive, which can adversely affect those aforementioned bottom lines. However, new cold-vault technology has been developed that will shorten the ROI period on sustainability improvements, while providing additional benefits, such as increased sales, greater profitability and enhanced product safety.

Reducing cold-vault energy usage is an excellent goal. By using newly introduced cooler glass-door technology, supermarkets and grocery stores can achieve greener operations while enhancing merchandising visibility and better product positioning that will result in increased sales of higher margin products. One key new technology is Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) that utilizes zero energy and provides retailers with 70% energy savings when compared to traditional cold-vault door hardware. Cold-vault doors that are equipped with VIG can offer a quick two-year ROI through an immediate reduction in utility costs.

These so-called “Zero Energy Doors,” such as the Vista Elite™ line from Anthony®, a leading provider of cooler and freezer doors, and related equipment, require no energy to provide excellent insulation and anti-condensation capabilities. Additional advantages include lower maintenance and operational costs due to fewer anti-condensate wear parts. Due to this unique design, these next-generation energy-efficient doors also provide a much wider merchandise viewing area for superior product visibility compared to traditional doors. This results in increased sales and greater customer satisfaction through easily viewable merchandise selections.

Retrofitting cold-vault coolers with Vista Elite doors provides numerous benefits:

  • Increased Profitability: A U.S. government Energy Star study found that supermarkets’ energy costs are the second-highest expenditure behind labor.1 Of those energy costs, the greatest portion is for refrigeration at 56%. The study concluded that a 10% reduction in energy costs can increase net profit by as much as 16%. In addition to energy savings, decreased maintenance costs will also increase profitability.

  • Increased Sales: Keeping refrigerated air contained in cooler cases with efficiently insulated and/or energy-free doors provides a more comfortable environment for shoppers, eliminating cold microclimates in the aisles. Customers who have a more comfortable shopping experience will lengthen their shopping dwell times within the store, which will increase overall in-store sales. In addition, since more products are visible, customers will buy more.

  • Food Safety: Highly efficient coolers that hold perishable goods at proper temperatures more uniformly will reduce the possibility of premature product spoilage and decrease inventory waste.

While converting to greener operations may seem formidable, Anthony’s Vista Elite Zero Energy Door helps ease the challenge by not only reducing the carbon footprint, but also decreasing operating and maintenance costs while enhancing merchandising opportunities with panoramic viewing. Cooler doors equipped with VIG provide fast ROI, lower operating costs and a practical, cost-effective way to demonstrate corporate sustainability in a more environmentally and socially conscious world.


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