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Fibrelite Case Study: Qatari Oil Company

Qatari Oil Company Awards Fibrelite Sole Supplier Status for Tank and Dispenser Sumps to Handle Desert Climate Conditions

Project Overview

Fibrelite has been awarded sole supplier status by a Qatari oil company for tank and dispenser sumps with pipe and cable sealing kits to withstand the tough local climate and installation conditions.

qatari oil company 1

Fibrelite tank and dispenser sumps specified by Qatari oil company


The client had experienced issues with previously installed equipment (tank and dispenser sumps) due to the constant extreme temperatures during summer months (up to 50°C+).

Water ingress issues had also been a problem at locations near the coast due to the high pressure of the surrounding water table on the enclosures and a highly corrosive environment.

qatari oil company 2

Fibrelite S14-390 tank sumps under installation

qatari oil company 3

Vacuum testable Fibrelite pipe sealkits form watertight seal

qatari oil company 4

All Fibrelite sumps are vacuum testable during and after installation


Fibrelite’s vacuum testable FRP tank and dispenser sumps provide a strong, hard-wearing, liquid-tight containment solution. Unlike PE, FRP is not detrimentally affected by high temperatures and does not lose its rigidity or shape, making it ideal for installations like this one and similar across the Middle East and African regions.

Many installations have persistently high water tables, as at the coastal locations of this client. Fibrelite’s vacuum testable tank and dispenser sumps are highly effective in preventing water ingress and subsequent damage to equipment and possible water contamination to fuel.

Fibrelite supplied through our local partner RUMCO in Qatar, who provide installation and testing services to retail fuelling clients in Bahrain and Qatar, including vacuum testing during installation to ensure liquid-tightness before back-filling.

qatari oil company 5

Fibrelite pipe entry sealkits are easy to install, vacuum testable and flexible to allow for ground and pipework movement


Fibrelite produces high quality, high strength one-piece moulded FRP components with a smooth surface for easy and safe manual handling and installation. All products are designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest environmental and climatic conditions for the lifetime of the site.

qatari oil company 6

Fibrelite EL-G-E500 dispenser sumps ready for concreting

qatari oil company 7

Fibrelite dispenser sumps are highly effective at preventing water ingress

qatari oil company 8

High quality FRP dispenser sumps