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Hillphoenix® Installs First CO2 Ejector System In North America

Hillphoenix installed the first CO2 Booster System with ejector technology in North America at Sprouts Farmers Market® in Woodstock, Georgia. The Arizona-based retailer is the first to adopt this state-of-the-art technology, and Hillphoenix is the first manufacturer in North America to introduce the technology as developed by Danfoss in the marketplace.

Second Nature

Hillphoenix CO2 Second Nature® systems with ejector refrigeration technology are some of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration systems available in the market today.

CO2 Booster System

According to Jeff Newel, director of refrigeration systems R&D for Hillphoenix, ejector technology combined with parallel compression can yield significant savings in warm ambient areas like Georgia in the southern United States. "Lab testing conducted in our Conyers, Georgia lab revealed that while parallel compression alone increased the peak energy efficiency of a standard booster system by 8%, using a Danfoss ejector configured as a gas ejector with parallel compression in the same test system increased peak savings to 11.3% when operated under non-optimized conditions. When the system has been optimized — as revealed in tests carried out by our Advansor operation in Europe, savings for parallel compression alone and parallel compression combined with gas ejector technology can achieve peak energy reductions of 15% and 23% respectively.”

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