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Don't Upend Your Uptime

The top four areas where a local car-wash distributor can help keep the revenue flowing

October 05, 2017

Brought to you by PDQ Manufacturing.

PDQ Dont Upend Your UptimeA car wash is one of the most lucrative investments in the convenience store market today. Once retailers add a strategically located car wash, they’ve got an around-the-clock profit center with virtually zero labor costs. But what happens when there’s an issue or immediate maintenance need? Without a solid network in place, it could upend the car wash’s uptime.

Nothing is more critical to the success of a car wash than an experienced and trusted distributor. Here are the top four areas where having a local distributor can help boost uptime and keep the revenue flowing.

Preventative maintenance support

One of the biggest issues c-stores have reported is that once they invested in a car wash, communication with their distributor came to a halt. That should never be the case. A distributor should be trusted as an ally for anything and everything about that car wash, including preventative maintenance.

A local distributor not only gives peace of mind, but also the insight and skills needed to troubleshoot issues before they arise. Through PDQ’s University Certification Program, distributor technicians complete a curriculum that grants certification on all PDQ vehicle wash systems. In addition to bringing technical expertise directly to the customer, these technicians also serve as trusted resources for preventative maintenance procedures.

Customers receive tailored preventative maintenance checklists from their technicians for daily and weekly self-inspections. Then, technicians make onsite visits for full monthly and quarterly assessments. These preventative measures ensure the system runs smoothly and helps plan for service on the intricate hardware and software that powers the car wash.

Hardware and software expertise

Technological advances over the past few years have made both friction and touchless systems more reliable and efficient than ever before. This innovation, however, requires increased technical support and training. A local distributor and their team of technicians will be able to troubleshoot, solve and fix any issue that arises. There’s tremendous peace of mind knowing that technical support is available support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

And when immediate service is required, it’s important that a technician be able to order the certified parts. That’s where the strength of the network truly kicks in.

Access to factory certified parts

Don’t take shortcuts with aftermarket parts. That’s a gamble that can put retailers in the red. PDQ has dedicated service parts specialists that can ship nearly all orders for next-day delivery. In addition to stocking all parts for all vehicle wash systems, PDQ also stocks enhancement and retrofit kits. The flexibility of PDQ’s parts program is also apparent in its customer training offerings.

Flexible training options

One of the biggest advantages of working with a local distributor is the availability and flexibility, especially when it comes to training. While a distributor will bring with them a vast amount of knowledge and experience, one of their key roles is to share that knowledgebase with retailers. Depending on a retailer’s availability and preference, local distributors will host customer training through their choice of onsite, online or in-house training at PDQ’s global headquarters in De Pere, Wisconsin.

PDQ's Distribution Network consists of roughly 500 technical and service personnel representing 65 local distributors worldwide, all of whom have close knowledge of the local competition, opportunities and challenges of operating a car wash in any area. From initial project planning to full preventative and predictive maintenance programs, authorized PDQ Distributors can provide turnkey business solutions from preventative maintenance to successful operation, helping ensure your car wash business is profitable for years to come.