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Fibrelite’s Lightweight Composite Covers Eliminate Manual Handling Issues in Oldham, England

Oldham Metrolink with Fibrelite covers

Oldhams Metrolink

Project Overview

Tram platforms are very busy areas where safety and efficiency is key. The highly trafficked area means that a safe walking surface is required and the frequent need to access underground utilities makes a time saving solution highly beneficial for this type of environment. Here Fibrelite provided an effortless and safe solution.

Originally, concrete recess covers had been fitted on Oldham’s Metrolink platform over essential utilities. These were extremely difficult to move due to their weight, increasing the risk of manual handling injuries. Specialised lifting equipment was needed every time access was required, making the process expensive and time-consuming. Oldham Metrolink were looking for a safer simple solution to replace the access covers. Maintenance time needed to be kept to a minimum to avoid disruption to the live platform which is used daily. Covers also had to be securable to prevent unauthorised access as they were over live electric cables.

heavy concrete covers

The Previous Heavy Traditional Covers


Fibrelite designed and manufactured bespoke grey composite covers to fit directly into the existing frames and to match the surrounding area making installation quick and easy. This enabled the tram service to continue as normal with minimal disruption. Fibrelite covers are corrosion-free, lightweight and securable. Requiring no maintenance and can be safely lifted by two people using the ergonomically designed FL7A lifting handle. This allows users to safely remove and replace the securable covers, preventing manual handling injuries by lifting from the waist. Fibrelite covers have been engineered to provide a safe walking and driving surface, tested to be equivalent to modern high-grade road surfaces. Meaning that…


Fibrelite’s Lightweight Securable Composite Covers


Oldham station now has a long-term solution that will continue to perform year after year. The lightweight composite access covers provide safe and fast authorised access, whilst eliminating previous manual handling issues and provide a safe walking surface for station users in every weather.

safe walking surface

Oldham Metrolink with Fibrelite Covers