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Metcal Wins 2018 NPI Award for Robotic Soldering

Metcal has been awarded a 2018 NPI Award in the category of Repair and Rework for its Connection Validation (CV) Robotic Soldering System. The award was presented to the company during a Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018, ceremony that took place at the San Diego Convention Center during the IPC APEX EXPO. The Connection Validation Robotic Soldering System is the newest example of Metcal’s industrial ingenuity.

Robotic soldering is becoming more commonplace as manufacturers look to reduce risk and increase productivity. Metcal’s new CV Robotic Soldering System addresses these needs by combining its patented CV technology with a new Smart Interface System. CV reduces unnecessary dwell time by signalling to the system to move to the next solder joint in the program after a good joint is formed. The Smart Interface System simplifies the programming process by integrating system controls through an easy to use interface.

“After winning the NPI Award for hand soldering with Metcal’s Connection Validation Soldering System last year, we are very excited to win again this year with our CV Robotic Soldering System,” said Christopher Larocca, President of OK International, which owns Metcal. “Robotic soldering is the next technological step in mitigating the risk of product failures through the integration of the Connection Validation technology with our new Smart Interface System.”

Premiering in 2008, the NPI Awards program is an annual celebration of product excellence in electronics surface mount assembly. Premier products based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts.

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