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An Exciting Time For Dover Digital Printing At Fespa Berlin 2018

Attendees of the 2018 FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin will be treated to an exciting experience as Dover Digital Printing displays new products and innovative printing solutions.

Dover Digital Printing consists of three Dover Operating Companies; JK Group, MS Printing Solutions and Caldera. These brands come together to develop comprehensive and effective printing solutions through RIP software, inks and consumables, along with printing systems for the digital textile, soft signage and specialty materials markets.

Recently announced, MS Printing Solutions will launch a new UV printer at FESPA 2018. The new printer, the JPK UV, is a high capacity, multipass printer that uses UV LED curable inks. Based on the already successful JPK water-based ink model, the new printer aims to fill a growing need for high-volume UV LED roll-to-roll production, with primary customers expected to be traditional flexo or helio users who want to convert to digital printing.

Klaas Kackmann-Schneider, MS Printing Solution’s Non-Textile Business Development Manager, says, “The new JPK UV has been designed as an alternative to existing analogue printing solutions, thus allowing traditional printing businesses to make the move to digital. Initially, we saw this phenomenon with smaller production fields requiring high amounts of customization – when flexibility to produce on demand, rather than the cost of printing, was the key factor. Now, however, this minimal run length is changing. The break-even point is moving and nowadays customers are demanding digital printers that can produce higher outputs at lower costs. The JPK UV is the ideal printer to fulfill this growing demand.”

Additionally, JK Group will unveil two new sublimation inks. The new J-Teck series, developed in the group’s R&D labs, offers outstanding performance with the latest generation of Epson printheads in combination with a select range of printers. Marketing Specialist for JK Group, Marco Girola, noted: “J-Nexter stands out for its total compatibility with printheads in any operational condition, perfect and fast drying on any type of paper and for its color intensity for which it is ranked among the best inks on the market in its segment”.

The second new ink, Kiian Digital’s Digistar T-Sonic, is designed for Panasonic printheads. Digistar T-Sonic was tested for a long time to increase its level of reliability and printability to reach the highest productivity as possible. Girola underlines “We are excited about the performance of T-Sonic, which highlights the prerogatives of printing systems by exploiting them to the full, while at the same time providing extremely high-quality results in an incredibly wide range”. He concluded by saying that “the tests that were carried out by customers have almost surprised us because of the exceptional integration of the ink with the printing system”.

Caldera will showcase CalderaCare, an enhanced level of maintenance and support available to all V11 RIP users. These new maintenance agreements have been designed to provide Caldera RIP users with ultimate peace of mind, and Caldera has drastically cut response times. “We recognize that software problems are not only frustrating but can also be costly and disruptive to production,” says Sébastien Hanssens, Vice President Marketing. “We’ve reformulated our care packages to ensure that not only is the software kept fully up-to-date as new versions are released, but also that it is fully supported at every level – we understand that our users place a premium on having a comprehensive support package.”

The newly opened Caldera Workspace, a central web portal that gives customers instant access to the Caldera Ecosystem, will also be on display. Caldera Workspace is a new combined web portal that takes the place of the existing Caldera Extranet, Usernet and Demonet portals. Customers, partners and prospects can all gain access via a simple registration procedure. This will allow users to see all the Caldera news, information, guidance and updates they need via one single account. Caldera Product Manager, Julien Walther, says, “This portal will fulfill a range of functions, including providing access to drivers, profiles, keys, ISO information, patches and documentation. New content will be added monthly and the channel is also a forum for communication and interaction with the Caldera team. It puts the end-user at the heart of our operations.”

Not only will FESPA 2018 Berlin be an event to remember because of the new products, Dover Digital Printing is also sponsoring a new workflow demonstration, courtesy of the new SportsFactory booth. Over an area of 250 square meters, a group of market-leading print businesses will be demonstrating a full production workflow for the creation of customized football jerseys — with perfect timing to capture World Cup fever. The production facility will showcase products from Dover’s Caldera, MS Printing Solutions, and JK Group.