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Markem-Imaje Coding Consumables Loyalty Programs Launched to Improve Uptime and Costs

Markem-Imaje Loyalty Program
Markem-Imaje announced a selection of programs designed to help manufacturers maximize business continuity and cost control by facilitating the use of an optimized selection of coding consumables.

Printers add codes to packages using consumables such as inks and ribbons. However, many manufacturers make false economies by using consumables which are not calibrated for the selected printer. They end up using more consumables than they would with perfectly matched supplies, face higher maintenance bills, and scrap more products due to poorly printed codes.

The Essentials® programs make it easier for manufacturers to use genuine Markem-Imaje supplies with the company’s printers so they can enjoy greater uptime and lower costs. The programs provide commitment-based discounts and provide additional support to ensure plants are using the most cost-efficient and effective consumables. Profitability is enhanced since production runs more smoothly, with less scrappage and downtime, and total cost of ownership is reduced through lower consumable use, fewer maintenance interventions and greater overall equipment longevity. 
Three programs are available. Essentials includes consulting services to ensure manufacturers are using the right consumables for their applications. Essentials Plus more precisely defines quantities and predicts budgets with ongoing cost monitoring to optimize spending during the specified time frame. With Essentials Premium, supply delivery schedules are tailored according to each manufacturer's own production schedule. This on-time delivery reduces transportation and related costs, minimizes waiting and inventory while eliminating the risk of scrapping consumables due to stock expiration.
“With our new programs we want to reward customer loyalty and commitment by making it easier for them to use our high-quality, safe and  environmentally-friendly consumables,” says Mirella Iaia, Business Development Sales Manager. “With us, they can master their costs and ensure business continuity while enjoying the latest in coding innovations and sustainability. They are also less likely to experience production delays due to late delivery of supplies.”  
Program members will enjoy access to a dedicated team of experts who will quickly answer any technical, compliance, regulatory and sustainability questions. They will also receive proactive updates on the latest restriction news and usage guidance. 
About Markem-Imaje
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