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Pop-up Kitchens Put Food Back in the Spotlight

Source: Hillphoenix, part of Dover Food Retail

Modern supermarkets bring new demands — perimeter planning, shopper engagement, shrink management, and more.  When attention is divided into so many areas it’s easy to forget who the star of your store really is:  the food!  Shoppers come to your store simply seeking foods they can easily purchase and eat.  It’s time to put food back in the spotlight and pop-up kitchens may be the solution you’ve been seeking.

The back of your store is no place for all the food, especially when it comes to prepared meals. Gone are the days of shoppers being content with picking up a prepared meal and leaving the store quickly.  They want an experience. They want to know who is cooking, what’s being used and see what’s going on.  Your chefs want to engage with your shoppers, hear what they like, and be a part of your food community.  Pop-up kitchens allow you to meet these human desires while giving you the chance to offer customers that experience they are looking for: chefs cooking their favorite dishes right in the middle of the store.

Imagine a cook station in your perimeter where customers can hear the sizzle, see the colors, and feel their mouths watering.  Use creativity with the flexibility of a pop-up kitchen to drive traffic to where you want more eyes and shopping carts in your store.  Make it memorable and you can increase customer loyalty, retention, and sales.

There’s more to pop-up kitchens than enticing your customers. They can reduce shrink, too.  Instead of reducing the price of meats, you would have the option to charge more by selling them as prepared foods.  Rather than disposing of end-of-life-produce, turn it into a side or cross-merchandise it with your main dish. Daily specials are a great way to maximize what’s on hand while reducing your shrink, all while keeping shoppers wondering what exciting dishes you could be serving up next.

Pop-up kitchens are what’s hot in your perimeter and a simple shift in how you prepare foods can make food the star of your store again and help solve modern challenges simultaneously.