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Midland Emergency Preparedness Training Aims to Improve Railroad Safety

Source: Midland Manufacturing, part of Dover's OPW

Railcar leaks pose a real threat to both the environment and the bottom line of companies transporting materials by rail. With this in mind, and true to its Defining What’s Next philosophy that aims to enhance the safety, reliability, efficiency while improving the business performance of its customers, Midland is heading out to railway sites across North America to conduct Emergency Preparedness Training for rail personnel and emergency responders.

Midland Safety

Experts from Midland Manufacturing, OPW’s rail business unit, demonstrate how to use the Emergency Response Kit (ERK) at a recent emergency preparedness training event.

Running from March through December, the Midland training workshops will address potential railcar leak scenarios, offer guidance in how to mitigate those leaks, provide the best ways to employ a Midland Emergency Response Kit (ERK) and promote overall emergency preparedness. The workshop schedule will include stops in seven states, as well as Canada and Mexico. Each workshop offers field exercises accompanied by classroom sessions.The Midland ERK is designed to allow for the quick and safe capping of leaking fittings on pressurized railcars, which can occur as a result of accidental or non-accidental releases (NARs). This product works on all pressure cars that allow for capping and fits tank cars for chlorine, LPG, anhydrous ammonia and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), as well as next-generation tank-car designs.

A dedication to driving innovation in railcar products, and a commitment to give back to our community and to the safe transportation of hazardous materials that it shares with The Chlorine Institute, Association of American Railroads (AAR), TRANSCAER, International Association of Fire Chiefs and various other fire departments, first responders and railroads led Midland to offer its expertise in these workshops, which aid in responsible handling of hazardous materials.

Midland’s commitment to Delivering What’s Next extends from developing innovative railcar components to protection for the environment and those who depend on North America’s railways. These ERK Workshops are just one of the initiatives the company is participating in as a way to help keep railroads safe and efficient for the transportation of hazardous materials.

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