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SWEP to Partner with Enjay for a Revolutionary Energy Recovery System

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The Lepido solution from Enjay can be used in ventilation, tap water, radiators and air conditioning.

SWEP International, part of Dover, will begin a partnership with Swedish Enjay AB, an innovation company that has developed a solution of recovering energy in challenging environments such as restaurant kitchen ventilation.

Of the world's total energy consumption, over 40 percent goes to heating and cooling buildings. A significant part leaks out in the open air through ventilation and has previously been impossible to recover due to difficult conditions, pollution, clogging of fat and soot, etc. Enjay has succeeded in recovering this energy with its innovation, Lepido™, which combines two Swedish inventions: a unique air heat pump and a function that makes the patented recycling battery survive fat, soot and moisture in the air and therefore can cope with difficult environments such as restaurant ventilation.

"What we see as unique with Enjay, is that there is a practical and economical solution to recover energy from something that, today, is just released straight into the air. With our brazed plate heat exchangers, the best energy transfer is also ensured in the Lepido installations, so the prerequisites for a strong partnership are fantastic", says Sören Friis-Hansen, VP Corporate Business Development at SWEP. "Also, Enjay’s innovativeness and experience in this field combined with SWEP’s clout, sales channels and global footprint provide appealing and strong synergies that ultimately the customers and the world’s various initiatives for a sustainable energy consumption will benefit from", Sören continues.

"The global climate issue is a very strong driving force for us, to develop products that can make a decisive difference to the environment. Real change only takes place with a powerful impact on the market and therefore the contract with SWEP means a lot to us. SWEP shares our vision that the more money our customers save, the greater the environmental savings," says Jesper Wirén, CEO of Enjay.