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MicroCNX® Series Connectors Receive Top Biopharma Industry Honor

CPC_4-Color_Dover-registeredMicroCNX™ Series Connectors from CPC, the world’s leading manufacturer of single-use connectors and maker of AseptiQuik® Connectors, have been recognized as a top global innovation in biopharmaceutical processing via The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards.

Introduced in September 2021, the new ultra-compact sterile connectors provide biopharmaceutical manufacturers with a much-needed alternative to tube welding for their small-volume closed aseptic processes. They are the industry’s first aseptic connectors designed to provide a simple, efficient method of connecting tubing in small-format assemblies. 

The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards recognize “the highest-impact pharmaceutical development and manufacturing technologies released in 2021.” MicroCNX (pronounced “micro connects”) connectors were among 17 recipients worldwide for this honor.  CPC MicroCNX

“We are honored that the industry views MicroCNX connectors as a key innovation for bioprocessing, cell therapy and gene therapy workflows,” said Troy Ostreng, senior product manager for CPC’s biopharmaceutical business. “We knew there was a need for an alternative to tube welding to make sterile closed connections of very small-bore tubing. That need has been validated with strong interest in the MicroCNX solution and recognition of its contributions.”

MicroCNX connectors are designed specifically for small-volume processes involving widely used 1/16” (1.6mm), 3/32” (2.4mm) and 1/8” (3.2mm) tubing. These include sampling, seed train expansion and early cell culture processes involving shaker flasks and rocker tables. Testing indicates that making a sterile connection with the new connector is up to four times faster than an operator using a tube welder.1

MicroCNX connectors require minimal training and three simple steps to make a connection. In contrast, tube welding involves a dozen or more steps, with operator challenges including maneuvering the tube welder into position, dealing with equipment maintenance, and requiring precise technique to create a successful weld. With MicroCNX solutions, there is no risk of faulty welds, welder breakdowns, or production delays due to weld equipment downtime.

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