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Update from Dover - Ukraine Response

The health and well-being of our global employees is our top priority, and we are constantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine and providing support as needed.

We do not manufacture any products in Russia, we have no material imports from Russia, and our sales in the country are immaterial. We have ceased any investments in Russia or initiatives to expand our presence there. Further, we are not initiating any new business in Russia and have been winding down existing business by ramping down sales activity and focusing on liquidating working capital.

We have a small number of employees in Russia who serve the needs of our customers in connection with existing contractual agreements, primarily relating to our equipment and consumables for printing expiration dates, lot numbers and other information on food, medicines and other essential consumer products.

We will continue to be supportive and respectful of our few employees in Russia. We have no employees in Ukraine. We have not made public statements about this matter due to the immaterial nature of our business in Russia.

Additionally, we are supporting charitable organizations that have a presence in Ukraine, including Razom for Ukraine ( and Leleka Foundation (, both of which provide critical medical supplies and equipment to help aid emergency medical responders in Ukraine.