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3rd Eye Opens Technology Development Center in Austin, Texas

Innovation is the heart of 3rd Eye MobileVision's business, and the company is blazing a new high-tech trail with the opening of its new Technology Development Center in Austin, Texas.


3rd Eye's Technology Development Center is the hub for 40 software and firmware engineers to support the design and development of 3rd Eye's pioneering products and services.

"The new Tech Center will be the engine driving future advancements in safety, high-speed data transfer and vehicle analytics," said Darrick Reed, President of 3rd Eye. "Expanding our team of design engineers and thought leaders will help 3rd Eye continue to deliver cutting-edge technology to help our customers better manage their fleets and lower their total cost of ownership."

3rd Eye's corporate offices are in the Houston suburb of Katy, Texas. The expansion westward into Austin will give a boost to the local economy and leverage the talents of the sizeable intellectual community in the Texas capital.

"We are excited to choose Austin for our Technology Center expansion," said Richard Buteau, 3rd Eye Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "The Austin area is a vibrant connection of technology, the arts and higher education, and has a wealth of qualified people. It's one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. and offers a great quality of life for our employees."

3rd Eye MobileVision

The 3rd Eye MobileVision video offerings are part of its Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics™ — a complete suite of information captured by 3rd Eye cameras, collision avoidance radar, body sensors and chassis data — transmitted in real time via 3rd Eye's Hurricane Gateway to fleet owners to help better manage and protect their assets. All data is transmitted through the use of one connection, cutting down wire bundle clutter and simplifying installation, maintenance, and ultimately — data dissemination.

About 3rd Eye

Dover's 3rd Eye, part of Environment Solutions Group, was formed in 2001. The company provides real-time Vehicle Function/Route Performance Analytics and also uses state-of-the-art camera systems to capture and document in-cab and external events to improve the safety, reliability and profitability of collection fleet operations. 3rd Eye is committed to ongoing innovation, engineering excellence, and impeccable business ethics. For more information about 3rd Eye, visit www.3rdeyecam.com.