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Environmental Solutions Group Partners with Compology

Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) made a strategic investment in San Francisco, California-based Compology. This partnership paves the road for collaboration between complementary waste technology solutions. ESG’s video-based truck monitoring (3rd Eye) and Compology’s image-based container monitoring solutions provide haulers with complete visibility and insight into their waste and recycling operations from generation to disposal.


“ESG is continuously looking to provide our customers with the best solutions and after evaluating all of the in-container monitoring offerings for our industry, Compology’s image-based sensors and simplified software clearly stand out as the premier solution,” said ESG President Pat Carroll. “Best-in-class products and aligned vision make us natural partners of choice.”

While 3rd Eye’s Enhance Vehicle Behavior Analytics [VBA™] provides industry-leading video technology for tracking truck and driver performance, Compology’s focus is on containers. Compology’s container-based sensors collect high-resolution images allowing for remote, daily fullness volume monitoring and content analysis. This information is accessible directly through Compology’s web-based software.

“ESG is a pioneer in the application of data in the waste and recycling industry,” said Compology CEO Jason Gates, “and now, Compology is leading the way when it comes to front-load and roll-off container monitoring.”

ESG and Compology aim to provide tools for haulers to not only be more profitable and productive through data-driven operations and asset utilization, but to also improve the quality of our recycling streams. Just as measuring truck performance helps reduce a hauler’s environmental footprint, the ability to remotely see and identify container contaminants helps to produce a cleaner, higher value recycling stream.

“The ability to detect, and act on, contamination at the source is growing in importance as the demand for clean recyclables continues to increase and processing costs escalate,” said Gates.

“Investing in the success of Compology’s image-based technology gives refuse haulers a strong first line of defense in identifying container contents, informing generator disposal habits and ultimately, cleaning up the recycling stream,” said Carroll.

Environmental Solutions Group encompasses industry-leading brands — Heil, Marathon, Bayne, The Curotto-Can and 3rd Eye — to create a premier, fully integrated equipment group serving the solid waste and recycling industry. Through extensive voice-of-customer outreach, in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, a wide-reaching service network, and proven industry expertise, ESG is focused on solving customer problems through environmentally responsible products and providing world-class support. For more information, visit www.doveresg.com. Compology, Inc. builds intuitive hardware and software technology to move the waste and recycling industry forward. Compology currently operates across North America.

For more information, visit www.compology.com.